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Oh so you're here to complain about something you've no intention of actually playing. Noted. Also, if you don't like women or futas I can recommend a couple of games where there are men only.

Sorry about that, should be fixed now

All futa content is optional mate.

News to me.

leukemia is blood cancer.

A fully remastered version was in the works with redone script, art and fully hd images. However, it was placed on the back burner due to lack of interest.

Yeah, this project was mostly a learning experience for me as I had never made 3d art like this before. I've gotten a lot better at renders since.

Links worked for me, try these:

Fix is done and uploading now mate.

Yes, the plan is to have alternate scenes unlocked thanks to previous choices.

Yeah, I have to figure out how to make an android port first. I think there is a fan port out there but I don't think it's the lastest version though

Check my patreon page, I put up public schedule posts every month. I upload here within a day of the $1 release