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Why did the human cross the road?

The html files? All the image links are broken.

Can't find the manual.

Nice but it would be nicer to have a downloable version.

This is a very cute game so far.

Is great that this has a DOS version.

Agreed, maybe have the lights  blink or something?

Eventually someone is gonna make an "Actually a DOS game".  

Dude the game updated six days ago, be patient.

You got a review on GBAtemp:

(2 edits)

Model 1 came with the (secret) maze game and an Alex Kid In Miracle World cardridge. Model 2 ditched the card reader, came with the 3D glasses includef and had Alex Kid in Miracle World as an onboard game.

Model 3 sucked.

Edit:  All 3 models were sold in Brazil but model 1 was only sold early on since the "e-card games" were not sold in Brazil so the card reader was useless.

Those cards were basically games for the Sega console that existed before the Master System and was only available in Asia anyway.

Any chance you made a downloadable version in the future?

Nice fangame.

Nice game.

(1 edit)

I still have Miracle World, and a working Sega Master System. Is a model 1 so it comes with the card reader instead of the 3D glasses. 

Thank you, my Windows 7 is thankfully 64 bits.  

I don't use VR but this looks like a good game. Does it only work on Windows 10 or you can make it work on Windows 7?