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such a great game i love the music and mosters it is very nice but i would like a few more features

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really good! i love the music an the ddifferent music for different scenes and how all the workers make you do their work lol pretty good storyline i dont get a few thing sbut i like it

musty milk be bussin


its alright i like the animations but graphics are way to low and it needs improved so the map is bigger and the demo is at least a little longer

took me twenty minutes to complete. nice story line but it could be better overall i loved this game more and i wish i was recording while i played this because i jumped a few times. whenever the lights went out or a door closed it got intense but after she would show up and i wouldnt be scared because ii jumped from the door so the timing needs to be changed some but great game and i would love to play more games like this.

ps nice job on the sound effects they really got me

i like this game but everytime i dodge i still get hit and the movement sucks it will only let me go forward 

great game but i dont really like the ending

this is a great game! i like the avatar and the boss fight but i think that the boss is a little hard for the demo. overall i really liked this game and cant wait to see the final release ^^

very great game

i like it a lot and recommend it to anyone who likes puzzles

its fun and makes you think


my mouse and esc button dont work in this game

the only thing that is good are the sound effects