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I love games that break the 4th wall. They feel a lot more personal. Great concept. Super simple and well executed.

(also, I spent waaay to long trying to call the "X" button)

And seeing how there aren't enough video links here, I'll add one more:

Great game! Took me some time to figure out what everything does and how to do everything. I imagine I'll take a second go at this to actually beat it. Great job, very creative!

Well done Dare Looks! This was a very creative unique game. The challenge that is provided as you continue to get smaller and objects get too heavy requires you to prepare in advance as you continue to try and make the keys. Because of that you start to get the hang of it after  a few plays and are able to better prepare yourself. I can definitely see this game going far the more you add. Can't wait to see what the future has in store!

This is my first play through, and it was a pleasant surprise:

Really amazing game! I seriously can't wait to see where you guys take this. I had a blast making a video with this, and you guys best be workin hard to get that same amazing content!

Extremely well made, great job guys! I enjoyed it thoroughly: