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Amazing game. It really puts into perspective the whole idea of "destiny" and the possible ramification of trying to fight destiny. Beautifully crafted, wonderfully drawn, a very original concept! The "secret ending" was beautiful as well

This was hilarious....... uh..... -ly spooky! xD yeah... okay but it all seriousness, my only real "critique" would be the text style. The blocky text is a bit hard to read and with it going as fast as it does, to me, sometimes I can't read the whole sentence before it just disappears. Slightly annoying not being able to read the full story. Aside that, however, this was a super fun game and I had a lot of fun playing it! so yeah... props to you, dude!

Very interesting mechanics, especially when you have to switch between the lights, as turning one off turns another on. Just hate that it was so short. Would love to see more of this type of ide

An interesting little game, with I'm sure a very deep message. Sadly, I cannot figure out what exactly this message is. However, the game is somehow creepy yet cute, which I really love about it. The ending was especially satisfying, for me. Just wish I knew the whole symbolism.

And on second try, Happy New Year!! Final score of 647~. You made a beautiful game here, Dev. It sorta hits at the feels, actually. Thank you for making this! Hope to see more similar-style games in the future?

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Yang beat me~!

Dang this is tough... Reminds me of a cross between Undertale and Deep Sleep, for some reason. You did an amazing job on this ^^

Well... for what it is, very, very well made! At first it was all just whimsical and cute, then it takes a sudden dark turn when you least expect it. The last job sorta ticked me off though, not gonna lie, what with having to constantly run around him. But this was a nice little jumps care, and the overall game mechanics were very well thought out~ 10/10!

Okay, so don't flush the wallet down the toilet xD the interrogation just freezes up with you blinking off into space after the cops explain its flushing. Yeah, I guess I'd be confused, too

Nice little game, love how i t crashes after the "coming to get you". Makes it almost more real. It wasn't exactly scary-scary, but it was spooky and for what it is, I love it. Very well made!

I’m very sorry to ask, could you please show me what you mean? I’m not quite understanding it myself.

So uh I found this code but no matter how I enter it it’s telling me the code is invalid. Do I have to somehow be fast enough to copy and paste the text as-is, did you delete the code, what’s going on man? 

Hey, man, are you okay? This game seems to have been on hiatus a lot..... that and I haven't heard from you in a long time. Hope I an get ahold of you on here. What's going on man?

Can't wait for update~

I have to say, I know this game is new, but it has amazing potential and I absolutely love it! Strange how I found it- literally googled "loli sex games".  Now, I do have one small complaint, more of a personal preference: the writing is sometimes off, for example (NOT text of the game) : "rounding the corner, carrying the girl" rather than "as you round the corner, carrying the girl". But again, this is just preference to stuff. I just absolutely love the idea! It's cute, it's unique, it's very well thought out... and most importantly, it's got multiple paths to choose from- it doesn't just feel like reading a book, or picking chocolate or vanilla cake- it's still cake. That's your only choice. This actually has options with consequence.

Now, I would love to get to the naughty stuff soon, of course~ wouldn't we all? ;) but I'm more than willing to wait and watch this masterpiece unfold! And Mr. LoliconMan, sir, if you need beta testers or help or anything, I'd be more than happy to!!!