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Love the aesthetic and the music, god it's tense. Really great work.

Love your game. Really nice music too.

Great work! Love the animations and the idea. 

This game is absolutely hilarious. Well done!

This is a really crazy cool game. Love the art and music. The feeling of speed is very satisfying. 

Love this stuff.

Lovely stuff. Really getting into it. Very challenging getting those daddy long legs.

In love with your game

Love the aesthetic and the atmosphere. Really nice designs. Everything feels fresh. Nice one.

I thoroughly enjoyed this. Very smooth and tactile.

Loved the idea and the dynamics of movement.

The atmosphere scared the hell out of me. Great works with the visuals and sound design. Very sharp. Was this inspired by a specific dream?

You really captured the Amiga feel. The art and the music is spot on. I do wish the ship could go all around the screen (there seems to be a vertical limit above). Great work.

I love the character designs. They feel fresh and original. Funny writing too (the cryptocoin dialog made me lol). With the music, I really enjoyed  taking a stroll in the world. Excellent work. 

I absolutely love how you conveyed the atmosphere of the woods. 

Very good choice of sound design for the wailing. I agree, I also dig the atmosphere. 

Awesome work! Really like the art, the atmosphere, the controls. I thought it was a little bit too dark in places, but again, it added to the atmosphere. Well done to you and the team!

Yep, unfortunately we have a fair bit to go over. Thanks for trying it out!

The menu should work now. Thanks Jess!

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Such an amazing experience. Loved it! I can't emphasise how much I was taken into the atmosphere. It's insane. Great sound design as well. 

Really nice game mechanic!

I just uploaded a new version and I can confirm it launches on both platforms.

Thank you so much. They are very minimal.

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Your enemies were relentless. Nice representation as well. The screen effect adds a nice feeling. Good work. 

Love the colours, the music and the general  atmosphere. Nice work.

Sorry about that. What platform are you on?

I loved the feel of the controls. Nice work.

Very powerful. You captured a mood that is unlike anything, and it's pleasantly surprising.