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That's fine and thanks for the response!

Hello developer of the game i was wondering if the game was still in the works or cancelled can you please kindly respond?

That's really noice

Hi and are you guys still workin on this game?

Hi and this game was really cool and i enjoyed and are you guys going to add more units and maps in this game?

Hi developers of the game and is this game still being worked on and yes i have played the game it was very good


Hi and this was a good game and i really hope that this game gets more updates soon

Hello and are you guys there is this game still being worked on?

Oh why though but are you planning to continune it soon?

Hi and this was a good game and are you there?

Hi and are you there is this game still being worked on?

You're welcome and im very exicted for it

Hi and is this game still being worked on?

Well is there any news yet?

Hi and this was a really good game and how i can fullscreen?

Also what happened to the dev?

Hey are you there is this game cancelled?

is this game gonna get more updates?

What happened to this game?

He is a dragon

Also can you add my character Baworo to this game?

Great game! is there will be a sequel for this game?

Hi yet again and it is me Blue beetle but call me Baworo now

Oh ok but you  should add it beacause some Ori And The Blind Forest fans want Ori to be in this game too i think

Oh also i have a another idea for this game can you add Ori From Ori And The Blind Forest and make him a playable character please he is my favorite and i would love to see Ori in this game

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i think the big update is gonna be released   after few days i think

Also that game is my favorite ^^ and i will have more suggestions soon

And you know Hollow Knight right?

And also can you add guest characters from other games Like Knight and Hornet from Hollow Knight and also they should be playable

When the next update is gonna come out? im bored

Also i have Two more suggestions i think you also should add navy forces and more air units too

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Hi and i loved this game Also i have some ideas for this game you should make spaceships and Carriers  i would really like these oh also make those ships Driveable too and i would really like space battles with Army Men. Also add a Nations Feature that you can chose between four nations! and my favorite one is blue :) (Also im new to Also don't forget to add story mode too. :)