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I didnt like that camera shaking effect for me that effect turns whole game to unplayable game =(


That was a great game with great story but unfortunately optimization was too poor It was running 20 30 fps at outside at gtx 1660ti

thanks mate =)

It was just amazing experience normally I dont like this type indie horror games but in this game lots of things polished. Game mechanics and combo systems are simple and easy graphics are just great especially environment and usage of emissions you gave me a great 20 min thanks for it =)

Great and simple gameplay =) I like it

I am glad to hear that =) yeah we had a little bit confusion about amount of depth of field as you said lower could be better. Thanks for your comment =)

Thanks for you comment we tried our best in short time =) 

The people who makes board games and something creative like this in game jams, always catch my attention  .Thats it great =)

I like visuals =) !

It is pretty hard :D I died lots of  but I dont get it something .Sometimes car bounces from walls sometimes wont how bouncing mechanism works or is it bug :D .Pls next time try to make much more easy games I am not talented too much :D 

Everything was peacefull until zombies start to splitting :D

Great story with great music =)

It was a great game :D I really like it =)

Aww dude it was great but there is a bug -spoiler alert-

when you find right shoe worms amount downs to -1 I am wondering too much whats in basement :D

Controls and dragging rigidbody is little bit buggy but I liked main theme

Wow it was really awesome mate 

I liked main theme graphics and gameplay but there is a problem with grapping lights.They are always stuck in walls and I restarded all game a few times because of this of problem

Hello mate I went to 2. town then road splited 2 way I choosed right way but when I go from right way I fell from stairs but it was looking good