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I can't wait!!!

HELL YEAH! Can't wait to play it!

Can't wait for the English language!

I've been playing this game in the past few days and it's been really fun! Can't wait for new updates :)

Gonna play it as soon as possible :0

OMG I can't wait!!!

I've just heared about this game and i'm already excited!

That is sad to hear, it was a great game in my opinion, but it's completely understandable. Is the game still going to be available for download, or it is going to be taken down?

Already bought a copy of the game on Steam :D

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I'll try supporting this game by sharing it on Twiiter and bring more people to play it, thank you so much for releasing another great chapter!

It's all good, you also have a life to take care of. You shouldn't blame yourself, take all the time you need!

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No way :0

Will this game be available on Steam one day? I wanna my friends to play it as well :D

Is it possible to send a screnshot of the page of the game? I probably played in the past but I don't remember.

Bought a copy for myself because the game looks interesting :D

I don't have much but I'll try sending a little when I can! Also you can try posting on Twitter to have more people  to donate ^^

I was able to get it! Thank you :D

A new top tier game! Can't wait to  play it!

Keep up the great work! And don't forget to take a break from time to time!

I played this game on his Steam release and it was amazing! This game deserves much more attention!

So sad this game was extremly short. It has so many potential ;-;

I tried playing it but my antivirus it says there's a virus on it :/

You mean write a story for the game?

YES!!! Just wishlisted :D

Can't wait to release it on Steam :D

Is this game going to be available on Steam someday by any chance?

Thank you so much for making this incredible game, hope you keep updating the game to make it even better :D

I played the first version of this game and it's awesome! This game should be much more recognized

Can't wait for the Steam version!!!

These kind of games that involves other worlds are my favorite kind of games :3 Downloading right now!

This way people can check the game on Steam :)

You should also put the link here to the game page on Steam ^^

It looks interesting! Maybe i'll grab a slot ^^

I played the demo and it looks a great game to be honest, the only problem is that i couldn't find the steam page of this game.

That's okay, take your time! Putting the English version will bring much more people to play this game ^^


Just a question, will this game be added on Steam in the full version?

Still no english version?