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May the furry god bless you

It's... perfect!

Dawn, i'm sorry to hear that, i didn't know there was a required level of animation to publish on a site. I love your animations, it's just unfortunate you couldn't publish on e621

You could also upload these videos on e621

YES!!! My favorite game has a new update! OWO

Is this update available on Steam as well?

Hello, i'm very excited for the release of this game on Steam, but when is the game going to be released?

I loved!!! I hope to see more updates!

Yay!!! Cute doggo! :3

Instead of saving your work in your computer you can save it in some kind of site or something

Thank you so much! Already on my wishlist! :3

Hello, this game will be released on Steam?


I liked this game you made, is like some kind of alternative reality where nothing makes sense and the characters keep breaking the 4th wall. I recommend for everyone who played the first game to play this second one

Downloading right now!

I played just the demo of this game and i'm already excited for future updates!

That's okay, i'm relieved it's still going. Good luck on the game!

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YAY!!! I always loved this game but i was confused if this game was abandoned or just suspended

A happy birthday video for you!

This game looks very interesting, i was hoping to play it but unfortunately it's available only in Russian :/

For me i purchased this game on Steam and i really loved <3 and about you? What do you think about this game?

This game looks interesting, it will be available on Steam?

Thank you so much for the demo! I'll download right now!

The works you guys make is incredible, i would even help you with the kickstarter but i don't have any money to help. All i can do right now is to wishlist the game on Steam, wait for his release and wish you all good luck with your game!

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Man, this game was so good that i want to play more! I'll buy it as soon as release to Steam :)

YES!!! This news makes my day :)

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This is like a pre-alpha? Also i'm first

I'm not good with words, so all i can say is that I loved everything in the game! It's going to be available on Steam someday?

The story of this game looks interesting so far, keep up the awesome work!

You can try to sell it on Steam :)

From where i know only 2 endings

You're right kkk but releasing on Steam would bring more people to play :)

This game looks incredible! It's going to be available on Steam someday?

YES!!! Thank you so much! Already downloading the game! :D

Ok, thank you for the answear :)

Hi, this game will be available on Steam too or only here?

O_O I didn't even noticed! Thank you so much for the reply! Already in my library :3

Just a question, this game somehow will be available on Steam one day?