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Yay, another update :3 I have a question, you will keep working on Repeat? I really loved the story and i want to know what happens next, i will be gratefull if you could give me an answear

YAY! ^W^

This game looks very interessing, keep going :)

Thank you for the answear, good luck with your game :)

Hello, this game looks awesome, i'm thinking to buy, do you know when will be the next update?

Thanks, i will be waiting :)

Don't worry, take your time :)

I always download a new game and delete the old one for each new update, but this time for strange reasons, i can't start the game, he just doesn't open, he loads for some second and he stops. I will try to download in another computer to see if works

I can't start the game, i try to open the game but he loads for a little and then he stops, what can i do about this?

*nhom* *nhom* Thanks for the free food! *nhom* *nhom*

This game is very good, i hope you keep updating the game :D

What if the power of the orb of the human is to control the time or something? Like the final battle of Giorno Giovanna in Jojo's Bizzarre Adventure? It would be awesome!

Update: "...a new sex scene..."

Me: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

It's better if we wait a little longer for the full day :)

Finally!!! Thank you so much!!! :DDD

Where i can find the 1° game?

That's ok, no rush! Is better if you delay and make a quality game than do it fast and the game is not very good, so you don't need to rush, i will wait :)

This game looks very interesting, i hope you keep updating this game so i can know what will happens next :D

This game is so dawn good, i hope you keep updating this game because i want to knows what happens next :D

Because he got banned a year ago

I loved your game so much, i hope you keep working on this game because i want to know what happens next :D

Congratulations! The next celebrate will be at 3000 downloads! ^^

Ok, thank you :D

when the next update will be avalible?

Thank you so much! I already got it :D

This game is so good! Just waiting to be realised in Steam :)

I hope you come back soon!

Spencer: *see Andrew naked*

Spencer: Why are you gay?

YAYYYYY!!! :DDD Thank you so much for another update :D

This game is so dawn good, when the next update is comming out???

No problem, but it would be cool

This game is so good! Keep going with the great work :D

This game is so good, what if in the next chapter we could see ourselfs in the mirror or something like that?

Thank you, i will be waiting :3

Hello, you have any plans to put this game on Steam?