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Thank you so much for making this incredible game, hope you keep updating the game to make it even better :D

I played the first version of this game and it's awesome! This game should be much more recognized

Can't wait for the Steam version!!!

These kind of games that involves other worlds are my favorite kind of games :3 Downloading right now!

This way people can check the game on Steam :)

You should also put the link here to the game page on Steam ^^

It looks interesting! Maybe i'll grab a slot ^^

The developer says "Due to the difficulty in development, the expenses and complications of how to continue the story..." so the game is for now cancelled. But he's going to try find someone else who will continue to develop the game.

I played the demo and it looks a great game to be honest, the only problem is that i couldn't find the steam page of this game.

That's okay, take your time! Putting the English version will bring much more people to play this game ^^


Just a question, will this game be added on Steam in the full version?

Still no english version?

Great, i'll buy the game and the DLC right now! Thanks for releasing the game on Steam!

This game looks incredible, too bad there's no English support :(

Already added the game to my wishlist!

YEESSSS! It's finally here!

Is this game going to be available on Steam too?

Wait... that soon?! I though it was going to take some more time. Going to buy this incredible game on the first day!!! :D

Hell yeah!!! One of my favorite games had an update! Going to enjoy this a lot :)

This game is available in english?

Your game looks incredible! I love these kind of games where the protagonist is reborn in another world, especially in a medieval era. It would be much better if you draw more characters to the game. Hope to play more!

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This game will somehow be available on Steam?

Honestly when i played this game for the first time i wasn't expecting to be THAT good. Keep up the good work!

This update will be available on Steam as well?

May the furry god bless you

It's... perfect!

Dawn, i'm sorry to hear that, i didn't know there was a required level of animation to publish on a site. I love your animations, it's just unfortunate you couldn't publish on e621

You could also upload these videos on e621

YES!!! My favorite game has a new update! OWO

Is this update available on Steam as well?

Hello, i'm very excited for the release of this game on Steam, but when is the game going to be released?

Yay!!! Cute doggo! :3

Instead of saving your work in your computer you can save it in some kind of site or something

Thank you so much! Already on my wishlist! :3

Hello, this game will be released on Steam?


I liked this game you made, is like some kind of alternative reality where nothing makes sense and the characters keep breaking the 4th wall. I recommend for everyone who played the first game to play this second one