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Obelisk!!!! When I was 10, my dad came home from the pawn shop one Tuesday afternoon, bringing home our first computer- a faded Mac Plus with a box full of bootleg disks. Mixed in with the MacWrites and CricketDraws and the 28 disks for Manhole was a black 3.5 with the word “OBELISK” written in black sharpie.  Hardcore.  At sleepovers, it was 7 kids crammed around a 9” b&w screen, taking turns finding gold, drinking potions, slicing monsters, exploring the realms. I was the first one on my block to defeat the Jade King.  So yeah, I know this game okay (the only thing I loved more was Banzai!).  Obelisk was a formative part of my childhood. Needless to say, this version is a major letdown. There is SO much from the original missing.  Where are the Cloud Dragons? Nope. Or the Quartz Wunderlust Giants?  Gone. The Blue Spore Demons?  As if they never were.  When I found the Fog Helmet of Self-Gratification, I didn’t even feel self-gratified. Also left out is the rapidly flashing opening photosensitivity seizure warning card with the midi-Rammstein cover playing under it. And when I finished level 43, the CIA recruitment page didn’t pop up, let alone try and connect my modem with their secret phone number.  I still can recite the 3 hour long credits, but that’s cut out too. Lame.  Whatever.  If the author posts the sequel, I’ll shell out another $2 tho.