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wow thanks for the extensive feedback! I think online multiplayer is unnecessary as I think this game won't have a large player base but I could always try :). Maybe add me on Discord Bram#9194 so we can discuss more about the future of the game.

Wow thank you so much for the positive feedback! I really appreciate it :). Would you like me to make more lvls and add more features?

Thanks for your feedback :)

Yeah we didn't have time to add a tutorial sadly, but you can deselect with ESC. Thanks for playing :)

Great art mate!

Great game, clever level design, but I couldn't get past the green guy, idk what I am supposed to do there

Nice game, great graphics and some smooth gameplay, unfortunately it broke at wave 4.

Thanks :)

Great game but a speed up button would be welcome


Thanks for your feedback

Thanks for playing my game :)

Nice game

I am having the same issue, if I run my unity WebGL game locally it works but on it does not work.

Thanks for playing and your feedback

No problem dude it was a fun game overall

Thanks for playing my game. It brings a smile on my face when people enjoy them :)

I was battling the second or third boss cause I needed some upgrades but I tried a tactic where I just jumped on the other crab and he couldn't fight me but I could and when he died I got stuck on the far right.

Keep up the good work ;)

Fun game with some really cool art and animations! The salt is a bit to overpowerd tho :D

It is a great concept. But personally I really don't like the movement. It is nice you implemented a system that the crab can only move sideways just as in real life but I thought it was really hard to control and position yourself in front of an enemy crab. Also I would have liked some feedback if I hit a crab but the enemy crab exploding is extremely satisfying and rewarding. Good job!

Wow this game has such great pixel art, really cool! It is a nice game with a simple progression but that progression system got some bugs I think and I got stuck in a fight so I did not beat the last dude :(

Nice game with some neat art. Gets frustrating at some times especially the last two levels because those where pretty hard. I would have like more focus on actually pinching the people, maybe a scream or something. I think the pinching the toes idea would be great for a small open world in which you pinch peoples toes but try to avoid seagulls or something.

Nice game and the pixel art especially is really nice. My only complaint is that the game is far too slow placed. It is an endless RUNNER so make him RUN.

haha what a great concept! Also the art is very nice.

nice game. Love the progression system and art. The gameplay is also pretty good.

Thanks. I think indeed the X symbol looks a bit too much like the swords. I have noticed the problem of the attack not registering too, but I think that is because webGL physics are not registering right. I think I will update the game because it got a lot of positive feedback.

Nice concept but personally  I did not like the playing style of like the turn-based reaction movement. Also I could not figure out what the controls where for a few minutes, maybe a how to play section could have been added. Otherwise it is a nice concept, the 3D models look great, I tried to make a 3D crab model myself but I could not make it nice. As this is the first game you guys made it is pretty great.

The game has some nice art and a neat concept but I would have liked a indication of the weight of the crabs because I don't want to remember all the colors only the yellow one is rememberable because that one lowers the weight and the black crab because that is one is the lightest. The crabs hanging are a bit buggy sometimes too. I guess I have the world highscore now :)

Thanks. I have a working mobile version, I am planning on making more levels with different looks and than releasing it on google play some time but first I have to figure out some legal stuff :D.

Thanks for playing my game. Never heard of Jelly Go tbh. This game was inspired from a mobile game I played a few years ago, I don't know its name.

Nice game with some nice art, could have used some animations or particles.

Haha did not know it was that hard :D. It was my first time developing an AI like this. For me as a developer I thought the difficulty was fairly doable but I did not have anyone playtested it. So your feedback is much appreciated and a difficulty system would seem like a nice feature.

Thanks for your playing my game and your feedback is really appreciated. Because this is a web version of the game the raycasts don't always work so a building isn't always selected. Your idea to light up the cursor is great and I will definitely look into it.

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Nice first game. The character models look nice and you can recognise the buildings from the series. It could use some camera movement and rotateable characters. If you need any further help in game development you can contact me on discord Bram#9194. 


Thanks for playing my game, many people where acknowledging that they were frustrated with the blocks falling in front or back, so I changed that in the upcoming mobile version and an endless mode would be a great feature. Thanks for your feedback.

Thanks for playing my game

Thanks for your feedback. I heard more comments about the unfairness of blocks falling off in front or on the back, so for the mobile version I'm working on I left the rotation on one axis so that doesn't happen anymore.