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Well that is partially easy to remedy, Twine stories are simply HTML files. I've uploaded a zip including the game that you can download. Once unzipped, simply open index.html in your browser. You may find that images don't load due to the browser security settings pertaining to local files: You can change the settings or host a local server to make them show up, although the former is not recommended while connected to the internet.  They aren't particularly important, and you can view them all in the folders, so I wouldn't worry too much about them.

There is one hosted on the game page now, but I tested it with my VPN and there are also problems there. As such, I've also put one up on Google Drive here:

Hopefully one of those options will work~

Hi there! The game is hosted on Itch's own servers, so any network problems would be on their end. Currently I can run the game just fine, but I have noted that VPN's seem to interfere with connecting to the servers Itch uses to host games. I have problems when my VPN is connected but not when it is disabled. If you're using a VPN, try disabling it to see if that helps. You can also contact Itch directly to see if there is a separate issue. Thanks for checking in!

Please post any logical/lore inconsistencies here so that they can be addressed in future versions. Thanks!

Please post any bugs or technical issues here. Thanks!

Please post any typos you find while reading here and I will fix them for future version. Thanks!

Yeah I've been working to try and fix that, it seems to be hardware-dependent so it's hard to track down.

This has been an issue with people who are trying to run the game on less powerful computers. The next version has a few tweaks that should hopefully fix the problem. :)