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Sorry to everyone that responded, but I already signed up for a different project. Maybe we can collaborate in the future!

Good luck with your projects!

Maybe someone to do music/sounds?

Let's switch to Discord, I'll DM you on Twitter.

Sounds good, let me take care of the art!

Hi there!

I'm an all-rounder looking to be a specialist for once.
I'm looking for a team to join as an artist and/or designer. If needed I can also make some sounds.

I can do pixel art, voxel art, and low-res.

Check out my games to see some examples of my artstyle:

If you're interested, just reply here.

Hi there!

I usually work solo, but for this jam I'm looking to join a team as an artist and/or designer. I can also make some sounds if needed.

I can do pixel art, low res, or voxel art.

Check out my games to see some examples of my artstyle:

Just reply here if you're interested.

Hi there!

I usually work solo, but for this jam I'm looking to join a team as an artist and/or designer. I can also make some sounds if needed.

I can do pixel art, low res, or voxel art.

Check out my games to see some examples of my artstyle:

Just reply here if you're interested.

Thanks! I found it and fixed it. One of the automatically generated colliders was spanning over some empty space.

Thanks for playing and thanks for the compliment!

Glad to hear that!

Thanks for playing! I'm glad you liked it!

Yeah, I'm planning on continuing development. I've got a lot of different concepts that I want to implement.

Thanks for playing! Yeah, unfortunately, those things slipped through testing.

Could you tell me where you got hit by the walls where you shouldn't have been? So I can fix it after the jam ends.

Hope you liked it!

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The answer is in English, but the phrase is famous around the world. There is no space button, because a space button is not needed.

There are no clues for that lock, which is a clue in itself.

I realize that it might be a little more difficult for people who don't know English, but it should still be possible.

You're a strong independent gamer who doesn't need any input methods!

The answer is related to time, but not directly. The down pointing arrow is very important to the answer, but it isn't related to time.

The words I use in my comments are carefully picked to act as hints and primers. I hope that they aren't lost to translation.

Now, now, if you already got to lock 4 there's no need to be so forceful.

I can tell you that the answer to this lock can not be found by simply staying within the game.

Yes, the dot is required for the answer to lock 4. There are 7 characters in the answer, 6 of which are numbers.

Time is related to the answer, but only a little.

I had to use Google Translate to read your comment, so there might be some inaccuracies in the translation.

As you've noticed, IIIXIII is relevant to the third lock. Numbers are a common theme throughout all the locks. Symmetry is something important to that lock.

For the fourth lock, you seemed to have noticed the arrow. Don't think too complex, something general or standard might work better.

Hope this helps!

You are correct in noticing there is something weird about the number pad. There are a few keys missing, but you won't need them to pick the right answer. I took them out to make the answer less obvious when you first look at it, but to also make it very obvious once you realize where to find it.

The music doesn't relate to the lock you're currently working on.

The answer lies within the lock area of the safe, so keep your eye on that area.

Hope this hint drops you on the right path.

If you look closely, there is a small hexagon just above the input box. @De_inordinatio already found it, but doesn't seem to have figured out the answer yet either.

As you may imagine, I'm a bit hesitant to give any additional hints, since that would kind of go against the point of the game, but I'll try and nudge you in the right direction.

You are on the right path with converting things to numbers, but keep in mind that the answer is only 6 characters long.

(If you look closer at the input field you might even see the answer.)

I wouldn't call it "unfun", since that really depends on the person. If you don't enjoy these types of challenges, this game will not be fun for you.

I will say, there are hints for every lock, but you will need to look closer to see them.

There are some very obscure hints if you look closely enough. But yeah, this game is meant to be very unfair.

Great job! I especially like the art styles you chose for the games.

The theming of the project page is well done too! Nice polish!

Interesting! I really like the concept of the second game. Good job!

I've never seen this problem before.

But if you want some more in-depth troubleshooting, I'd be happy to take a look at it. You could zip up your project and share it in the Discord server. I'm quite curious now.

It sounds like your gravity is set in the opposite direction. Do the default cubes in Unity behave the same way when you add a rigidbody to them?

There will be an OPTIONAL theme. So you can choose to ignore it and make whatever you want.

You can interpret "two games" however you want. This includes but is not limited to; two games in the same executable, two separate executables on the same submission page, two separate submissions with links to eachother.

If you decide to do the last option, please add the link to the other project page when making both submissions.

(1 edit)

Of course! It's a game jam, so it's just for fun and practice!

You can make it however complex you're comfortable with!

I'd even encourage you to keep it simple in order to prevent scope creep.

Be sure to read the other topic for some additional advice.

Ohno :0

Great! Thanks for joining.

My number one tip for any game jam is: try and keep it simple.
Looking at your profile, I'm assuming you're quite new to game development, in which case I recommend you try and keep it as simple as you can. For this jam, "simple" would probably be making two parts of the same game. Maybe two mini-games you keep bouncing between?

Other than that, I recommend you focus on gameplay first, game-feel second, graphics third.
If your game isn't fun to play, nothing else matters, since most people wouldn't bother playing something that isn't fun or engaging. Simple graphics with great polish like screen-shake, effects (both sound and graphics), and animations feel much more alive and satisfying than good graphics without the polish.

If you want a lot of people to play your games, make it playable in the browser, add the controls / instructions to the title screen, and use a couple gameplay .gifs as screenshots.

I hope this helps! If you need some more advice/help, feel free to let me know!

Thank you!

Very well done! If you add a bit of polish, I think you've got a full game here!

Very, interesting. I kind of wanted to shoot the grandma... Maybe that makes me the villain?

Nice job!

Yeah, the original idea was that you had to steal candy from as many babies as possible without making them cry, as a crying baby would alert an angry mom!

I might add that in a future version, but for now, it's just a little joke game.

Thanks for playing!

Plot twist, you were the true villain all along :0

Done! Press on the right side of the screen to reap, on the left to spare!