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It says "double tap to more forward" on the heirloom screen but I can't figure out what to double tap

Is JohnLee okay?


I don't know if I was just me but the puzzle wasn't changing at all from that one that's the third picture.

This was a nuanced and compeling masterpiece with complex characters and choices.

This was cool! Some of the face parts were kinda hard to see against the background though

This is a great game, it's very fun stalking different people around.

Elliot was so meta. This was a great game.

Thanks for making this business email simulator. =D

The Graphics and sound design are great! I only found 3 datapads, I don't know if there are more but I was fun.

This was a cool game! the graphics were great!

I love how you just squish them.

Those circles are my nemesis now. I hate them with all my heart.

The controls went by to quickly for me to catch them all at first, but I just got to experience a dash only challenge mode XD. I did manage to figure out how to play properly though, it's a fun game!

I'm glad some more games have been moving past strict boy/girl divisions but they usually still make you pick, huh?

I deeply appreciate the 'never again' on the second elevator door after you win. I feel it in my soul. I DID win though (first try even) and I had fun, so thanks.

I'd say that I crushed the gamer after getting the mashine gun, but that's be a lie. I actually died a few times still. But that's just cuz I suck. Thanks for making this fun game!

Thanks for the cute little story.

Thanks for the game!

I don't know how Fenton managed to answer the phone, but I had a good time anyway. I like how your character gradually gets more tired.

Thanks for the game! It was kinda tough to play with one person but I bet it'd be great if I played with a friend.

This was a great game! Very cute.

I don't usually play skating games so I don't think I can leave useful feedback, but the game controlled really well!

It's got great atmosphere!

This is fun! It really quickly becomes a bullet hell; I'm not good enough to keep up T.T ! XD

Thanks for this fun little game.

It's a fun puzzle game! I did manage to softlock it (can't even go to the menu) on level..24? the one with the cube, tampoline, and bullet at the bottom with the goal at the top, because I destroyed the cube.

I don't know if it's difficult to do, but personally I'd prefer if the music didn't start over on levels but just continues looping

This is a fun little story. I like the different POVs

Thanks for this cool game!

Thanks for this fun little game!

This was a cool little game, but I did run into the same bug as bodgrank. I don't know if you care but thats a pretty easy fix if you just change 0= gameover to 0>= gameover

Thanks for sharing

I guess you would play the new person in the full game? That's a great idea for a demo

The soundtrack/ambiance in this game was great!

Thanks for sharing! I like how you improve stats using food.

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Ahh so stressful! Sheep why do you run towards the boulder?? It was fun though, thanks for sharing.

Thanks for this fun game! I kinda wish you would convert some of the planets (half?) into Dark Matter once you lose so you can spend it in the shop but maybe that's because I just suck

This was a fun game, thanks for making it! I think there was a problem with using bank money to fund the road trip though? There was an alert box on the screen at least.

Thanks for this fun little game.

This was a fun little arcade game! thanks for sharing