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This game is delightful! The art is so dreamy and the little choices you make as a baker are really fun ^_^ I got 18/21, the uni-man did not like my cake lol

Funny and charming!

This game is incredibly stylish! I love the palette, and that Alicia sprite omg *_* Also loved the dialogue between the characters, and I'm so intrigued by some of the little hints to Alicia's backstory. This is a great entry, and if you decide to make more games in the future I'd love to play them!

A very cute mini game! I had trouble figuring out the recipes without the guide (I just put in the flavour and boba, thinking ice was an extra add on) so it would be nice if there was a quick recipe screen available in game. The music was so charming and fun :D

The visuals and music are absolutely impeccable! I'd play this for the aesthetic alone, but the puzzles are great too and encourage thinking creatively without being frustrating. Overall great experience!

Cute and fun minigames! The aesthetic is super nice and I like the fun easter eggs.

These are gorgeous!! I love the painterly, slightly abstract style and soft, dreamy atmosphere. I ended up using a modified version (hue shift, slight blur) for a visual novel styled artfight attack, and it worked out beautifully with my sprite and UI style.

(It's almost a shame I had to alter the colour to match the character palette, as the original colours are just *chefs kiss*)

This game has such a relaxed vibe! I loved Lamia's personality (and cute expressions lol) and while I'm sure you worked hard on the decline ending, I just couldn't do it xD Thank you for the lovely experience!

This is amazing! The pixel art looks great and is clear and easy to read in the crime scene, and I love the use of text effects and font to convey the mood of crime without needing extra images! Overall very clever use of limited assets and a fun mystery to solve!

This is a gorgeous game with lovely melancholy writing! The text didn't show for me in one place (on the mac version), I'm guessing it was kanji?

Loved this game :D I had a lot of fun going through the different choices, and the RPG atmosphere came through perfectly in the art and sound! Plus the demon lord really *was* my type; everything from his design to his voice to his prideful but easily flustered personality was so cute and charming ^_^

I'm always amazed by your ability to create such natural feeling conversations and immersive, comfortable atmospheres. Loved the game, and so glad I finally took a few minutes to sit down and play it!