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The Basement Kids

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WOW I was scared the whole game. 

WOW, I played this with my friends ( well they were just watching). Good game.

yup, probably the weirdest game ive played.

probably the weirdest game ive played lol

Sadly, I died at the end. But it was the process that matters!! lol fun game

LOL. Scart game - I really enjoyed it.

Not gonna lie, i was closing one eye most of the time lol. GOOD GAME ! 

lol, fun game. 

lol i have the worst imposter luck 

it was a very fun and different game. My favourite out of the thee I played.

lol ur video was soooo funny

it was a fun game! It would be fun to add maybe pvp. that would be pretty cool. I enjoyed this very different game,

lol, i didnt know it was meant to be scary. That jumpscare - WOW.