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Apparently Twitch VODs go away after a couple of weeks, but if you Highlight the whole video it lasts forever, so here is a better link to click if you want to watch!

If you missed the end-of-jam stream and would like to watch the VOD, it is here!

The 3D effect is so cool! I love the dog animation (and the adorable tail wagging :)

This is so cool! Thanks for jamming; I'd love to check it out if you make more additions post-jam!

I love it! The clowns coming up from the grates are spooky as heck!

Hooray, thanks for jamming!

Big grin on my face, eating butts, thriving.

Hooray, thanks for jamming!

It's so good! I love the arcade-y action and how much nuance there is in the seemingly-simple controls. The car animations are incredible.

Yay thank you so much for PiCoSteveMoing!

I love this! Took me a minute to understand the gameplay but I got it after a bit and had a great time. The intro scroll and spinning globe are amazing, and the soundtrack is so good.

Yay thank you so much for PiCoSteveMoing!

oh yeah also I was completely destroyed by the mower sound, lmao

I love it! The gameplay is really fun and hectic, and all the levels are really beautiful and interesting. Very funny to be able to mow the text also.

Yay thank you so much for PiCoSteveMoing!

Holy cow there's so much polish here! I can't believe y'all put this together in just a month. It's so good!!

Yay thank you so much for PiCoSteveMoing!

Update on this here:

Holy cow it's the last day of November! I've been seeing some incredible-looking submissions come in, but I've tried not to look *too* closely, because I want to be surprised when I play them all for the first time tomorrow evening.

I'm planning to stream all the games December 01 at 7:00pm CST at Hope to see you there! I know we have folks in many different time zones, so if enough folks can't make it, I'll probably try to do another one later in the weekend.

I love the look of the "explored but out of vision" tiles.

But if he's out there digging.......who's driving the car???

@yerriktrb if total secrecy is how you wanna play it, that's completely cool, BUT you could always post a cryptic screenshot that didn't give anything away ;)

I started a dev log for my project over here. Using the most recent Stephen King book I read (Dark Tower #2) as my inspiration source. Hoping to find a lot more hours this week than I did last week!

I'm working on a little procedurally generated level-based platformer inspired by the shootout scene from The Drawing of the Three. Wound up not really getting a chance to sit down and dig in until yesterday, so I'm not as far as I wanted to be by 1 week in, but I at least have some character movement and collision happening! Hopefully I'll have more time this week to build on this.

I've never seen Maximum Overdrive but after viewing this gif I feel like I have a pretty good understanding of it.

I definitely want to do this! I don't do much streaming so I'm not really set up to do a high-production-values one, but if nobody else with more streaming skills steps forward I'd be happy to broadcast :)

Hooray, it's jam time! I'm super excited to see what everyone comes up with. This is a month-long event, so feel free to submit your game any time before the deadline. And if you're finding out about this after Nov. 1, that's cool too. Feel free to hop in at any point. 

Happy jamming!

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Hello! Welcome to PiCoSteveMo. Thanks so much for joining us :) It seems that many of the larger jams here are running Discords for community interaction. I think we can probably get by with just these forums for now, but if it becomes an issue, I'm open to starting one.

This is my first time running a jam on Itch, so feel free to let me know if I've missed some critical piece of setup here.

Thanks for playing! :)