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Couldn't play because I have no controller...

This is really well done guys! So impressed! It was a little short, would love to see much more of this promising story! The environment is stunning and the way it played with emotions and atmosphere were so well done! I'm blown away by this!

I wanna know what's up with the duck.. I feel bad for the duck..

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This is really well done guys! It is truly an ... experience like nothing before...

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Nice little platformer, gave me the feeling of the good old DOS era! (which is a good thing!) Enjoyed it and the credits were the areal cherry on top !

I really liked the point and click adventure vibe of the golden days of gaming that you've got going on! Nice job!

The concept is really cool! Nice job!

I really like the chatter sound, reminds me of Banjo Kazooie!

This is my favorite until now! I'm in love with this concept! Please continue developing this game and make it a multiplayer experience!!