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You definitely need a redistribution of LÖVE (love2d) on your platform to run the game. LÖVE itself needs Lua. So, you need both.

As for the code, you might need git if you want to keep code history (you can "git clone" game repository), or just download a zip archive and you're good to go.

I used sublime text at the time to edit files, and will definitely recommend it, although I'm not using it anymore. 

Alright, should be fixed now !

Okay, I totally forgot about that one, sorry.. I did try just recently in a clean Win10 via emulator, and yes, it just not starts somehow. I will try to fix that (and also another issue).
Thanks for the report, though ! :)

Okay, so I looked it up, and it seems that's windows build is working. Perhaps you misclicked and downloaded mac- or linux build ? If that is not the case, then can you please share more information about the error (crash) ?

I will try to look it up. Thanks for the report !


Well, It happened to me as well on Linux, so I fixed it. Can you please playtest new build ? It would be really, really nice.

OK, it should be fixed now.

Ah, I am sorry to say it, but Linux build now is kinda broken. I've fixed it a couple of days ago, but now I am trying to run it on different distributives to test it. I just don't want to publish untested build again, like I did before..

I don't really have Mac around me, so it's kinda impossible to test OS X build for me and reproduce the bug. Theoretically, we can fix this issue, but I need more info about the crash (e.g. Is there a blue screen with white text after you press "Start", and if it's here, then what is written there). And since I can't playtest the bug, fixing would be matter of faith :^)

Ah, thanks for the report. Beyond technical stuff, I bet the problem is because I use new newer version of the library libc on my machine than on your machine. I will fix that as soon as possible, but still it'll take some time (because of testing).

Hello. Do you have problems with launching the game or you can launch it but can't play ?