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It's a gallery/bar space, so it's always best to go simple and assume they know very little about games. Play times should be short, the games that work best are the type that you "get" in a very short time, but then can continue playing. Like say, Bennet Foddy's FLOP, it doesn't take long to go "oh I get it, it's pong but with floppy paddles", but then it's still fun to toy around with. Those work best.  

Good feedback, simple to figure out which character you are or what you're doing, good for spectators as well as players, that kind of thing. Does that help?

Basically yeah! For me I'm thinking of specific experiences I've had around the holiday season in the southern hemisphere, like shopping for presents in the hot sun, or buying two tonnes of ice to keep beers cool on the lawn, or dealing with ALL THE DAMN FLIES. But feel free to do what you want, if it's vaguely christmassy and vaguely sunny that ticks the boxes :)

woah I didn't see ecwolf, that's really neat. I might make something compatible with it in the future but not woof3d. But if you have a free afternoon and you decide to try mod your own definitely link me to it so I can play it!

Ah I swore I replied to this, oops! Yes fullscreen would be perfect, sorry we should have specified that, our bad.