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thanks =)

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the jam was good but to me (don't know if I'm the only one) but the comments made about the itch pages that hold our games came across as the following 

a. the pages sounded like they was being judged too witch sounds a bit unfair since meny people like my self dont know how to make an itch page look good 

b. if that was part of the judging why wasn't it mentioned in the jam its self?  and could have shown noobs like myself how to at lest modify the page to somewhat of a basic set up

c. it just came off as odd in the video? and sounded like that the page with our game was a part of the judging 

i recommend if it is indeed a part of the judging (how you score it ect ) to be including in the rules or be at lest mentioned (even if it isnt part of the judging or how its scored)

but all in all it was a good but stressful jam

when do u normally put out new things? as in when can i expect things to be added as in the new stuff ur adding to time fanasty?

whats the best way to d.m u as i wanna send u the work i did on come characters i made to have ur clearance of if i can sell them or not?

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ah ok thanks any more animations being done too? 

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when is your next pack coming out will it be mobs (like orcs ect) because i got a few of your packs and i cant use the character packs i payed for with this so right now there only humans so can u let us know? also can people make stuff for this ? and sell it providing they are there own work? ect

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is there gonna be more animations that are including in this like
push,pull,hit,hurt/injured,magic pose (e.g) like someone channelling magic for a lighting attack and sitting ect (its fine if there in addon pack) because this set is missing some things from your over sets? E.G its a bit odd to me unless there on the way and u haven't done them yet? oh and maybe 8 directional? and also one more question will this new add-ons u do down the line be compatible with the generator? thanks for all your hard work

ok after looking in the side battelers add on i got its in there is there any battel animations for the monsters themselfs?

am i allowed to recolour these if i pay for it?

defo gonna use these in my games (both packs these are amazing) and give credit


this would be perfect for my game im trying to make but i wish it had a push, pull, animation and different weapon attacks e.g using magic (healing or attack magic) bows axes and spears etc and a jump animation so i hope u update this with them things and it be a grate back for me personally!

am i free to modify any of your assets for use in my game? just looking for a good base for all the animations you have so i can free to make whatever i need?