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Currently yes. It's just a VR build. I guess I could port to flat screen if there's a huge interest but with AAA games like Dota Underlords available for free, I assume fans of the genre would rather play those. I do have plans to port to TiltFive too as I'm a Kickstarter backer on that. It promises to be pretty cool AR tech specifically for boardgames

I did have, so have now unplugged it but still getting the same. Happy to debug further if that's helpful to you. Let me know what else I can try.

Not working for me I'm afraid (v.092 windows) Game loads and I'm looking at a door, as soon as I move forward I hear a door hiss but the camera goes into a spin. I can pause the game, which stops the spin, but restarting spins again..

Love it.  Already a ton of fun and without a doubt set to become the Gorn of KungFu. 

A couple of things with the inputs (using Touch controllers on a Rift)... I kept on opening the Menu while gripping to punch and on the few occasions I tried to drag move to sidestep. Feels like using the dedicated Oculus option button would be less prone to that (instead of one of the primary buttons). 

Also I couldn't get the hang of the low inverted grip, into forward punch special move. Managed to trigger the move once ot twice but the spacial movement recognition seemed either too sensitive or not intuitive enough. 

Other moves worked great. That earthquake summon is awe inspiring :) although it would be good if opponents had blocks for these. It seemed a little too esy to bring them down from a distance. (admittedly for fewer style points) 

Again, great work. Can't wait to see how this develops.

Love it! Thanks for sharing. I hope the comments in the survey are useful. Meant to say... if you run out of steam and feel the need for a fellow Unity developer to help out or do some testing. Do ask.