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wait what do you mean by connie became a futa? is that what happened in the end of ver 1.25?

scroll to below the thread. someone explained how to do it already

scroll to below the thread. someone explained how to do it already

Yikes ppl below my comment idk if there's actually is a bug but I was able to go forward with no issues. And I didn't talk to Hannah first in fact she was the last one I talked to. Likely is cos futa futa filter was on for you all hence there is no Hannah scene at all so maybe the bug, if it even exist is for those futa futa filter? Or Futabox didn't include Connie's end of 1.25 scene at all. Please refer to walkthrough or contact Futabox and be patient for replies, continue with real life events, school, work, whatever you all do you know. There's already so many treads about this issue.

Okay so seems to me like you already got the scene the Connie end of 1.25 ver, as long there's the full credit of my guess is patreon users names and the dev staff, then yes you're done.

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even if the game discontinued, the novel the game is adapted from is still available. 

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If you've seen my previous comment ignore that. Since your futa futa filter is on then there would be no Hannah scenes (according to the walkthrough). So it's likely that you have missed maybe princess scenes. There is no more princess scenes if you interact with either the maid or princess in the night(I think, can't rmb) it should say in green text to wait for next game day for new scenes, smt like that. My futa futa filter was off so I couldn't see Connie's end of 1.25 scene but I was able to complete it without calling the executive or any further actions with Maiko and Rachel. 

For Kate end of 1.25 scene, spoilers below:

MC and Kate got tgt. In 0.75/1.05 ver I chose the option to not reject her so my trust didn't decrease. The ending of 1.25 with Kate may be different if I chose to reject her

You are left with Hannah's scene. Speak to her in the clinic in the morning until you are left with the choice of 'listen to her/tell her everything'. Then go to Kate/Connie depending on your futa filter and see the end of 1.25 ver

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That's exactly it. If you look at the walkthrough it says Rachel one is only till the Maiko visit part which means thats the end for Rachel. Connie's  "I'll come to her..." is the same dialogue you get with Kate if other tasks for the other girls aint done yet, just that to view Connie's end scene you must play with futa-futa filler on. With it off you can't view it in this ver, and instead of "I'll come to her..." it'd be the green "you are done with this ver..." text.

Same for Rachel, to proceed with her, need to talk to the executive but since the walkthrough didn't mention where to contact the executive, it is likely to be in next ver instead. So, if you have futa filter on, you will see the "end of ver 1.25" scene after talking to Connie with the rest of the girls tasks done. If off, then it'd be with Kate.

If the both of you have yet to see the end scene, it means some of the tasks are still not done. I'd advise to refer to the walkthrough and check if any steps were missed

it has good content. cant wait to find out whats gonna happen next. tho battle speed is a little slow, would like it more if the auto play would continue till the end of the battle and have a option to escape auto play if i need to heal or smt.

ive noticed that there are achievements in this game. are there any way to view what achievements i've gotten? recently got the one where connie escaped without saving or skips and honestly thought i was supposed to view a bonus scene from the achievement or something

nice, this is useful. just for the first one there's no need to wait 10min as once the green hair girls move from left to right, you can walk down 2 steps to the tree right above where the brown hair girl will stop. right after the brown hair girl turn to the right, you have to immediately go down to where the line of trees are at to avoid being spotted by the green hair girl.

my advice for anyone that is still struggling is for the first round, just save everytime and test out where you should stand, when the girls will move etc. after you succeed each area then go for the perfect round. it gets way easier if you yourself know how to finish it

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question. i only have the 1.15 ver and have yet to finish. if i've finished it and import it to 1.25 ver would the saves work? or strictly end of 1.05 ver only?

1.25 ver is from 0.75 ver onwards. so 1.15 is inside 1.25 ver

yikes. does she have other social media accs? to show that she would be creating a new patreon acc or explain what happened? what a shame i havent played yet but it seemed to have good potential

also i see that the game still only have 20 save files. PLEASE INCREASE THE NUMBER OF SAVE SLOTS

the ans is no i replaced the saves files in the 1.05 ver with the 0.65 ver and got the image below. rip all my money but at least at the start the game will ask for your choices in 0.65 ver

at the end of 0.65 what's the difference between hugging connie and joking with her? either way we would be corrupting her. does that mean hugging her would start the romance route so in the end roxy can date connie? is there an option to date all the girls then?

are 0.65 saves compatible with 1.05 ver? i have yet to try it out and im finishing 0.65 soon

THAT'S COOL i didn't realised that

I wonder if this is a bug? for the last game day at 0.65 ver after the maid went to the library to get the book there's suddenly 2 of her now 

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yup. to be more specific it's z + hold the arrow keys 

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man the writing is so well done and the art is beautiful. is there no full screen mode tho?

would be good for the standard buttons to be applicable too like F5 for restart, F4/F11 for full screen, ctrl for skip text etc

also average play time is estimated half an hour? nah man there's quite a bit to explore i could play this for an easy 6 hours

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nicee. i realised he's really weak to fire so hitomi's fire spell works wonders for it. and the fire scrolls too. a good way to earn exp is also to have hitomi and yoshiko do sexual  stuff like interacting with the characters (or horses) with hearts will give exp for those that did the sexual acts individually

basically what unUnder said. as long as you see there's black trails on the floors where there are barrels/boxes try moving them to where the black trails lead new pathways can be found that way as well. I can't really rmb which room exactly but from the entrance of the ruin, turn left and don't head to the place where there's red blue green icons on the floor. eventually after moving some barrels around you'll find a room where it only leads to a door and this door will lead you to the rock thingy that will give you access to the thief. ofc needa get the rusty keys too but sorry i can't rmb the locations for the keys

haha my bad. just try every route on the left and you'll find it. plus its still in development which not many ppl are paying money for i think so i dont anticipate ppl putting a guide on too. i'd liked a guide on all the locations for the dark crystals

have you got the last key? if so then the last place would be the one when at the entrance you're supposed to turn left then go to nearly the end(not the part with the blue, red, green circles) and you're supposed to head down/left when you're nearly at the end and it should lead you to the last door to be open and give you a path to where the thief is at. that path is before the multiple path where there's 2 ways up. hope it helps i can't exactly rmb where it is and perhaps turning right would make it nearer but i got lost doing that haha

Another one

a bug: while collecting the piece for the drawf pieces when on the mini farm area, if the dialogue ends when a chicken were to be on the same spot as my character, then the game will freeze

Another typo