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Great Game! Is Funny  how the player shoot the NPC in the head and it only get an impact and not a mindblowing xD

Great Game, but it could have some music. I got bored, if had music, i would probably not. It's a Hard game xD. 

Nice game, but it could have some soundtrack in later possible later development. It in the end almost got queasy.

Great Challenging game And Impressive for a Ludum Dare! The game could return from the game over to the beginning again without we have to refresh the game again and again. I've tested the PC downloaded version too and the ending doesn't pull, we have to see everything again and wait.

You're welcome.


Like, a comic sound.

Great Game!Specialy by the history of the game and the two endings also.  It would be better if the first music comands moment could be more intuitive, more simple.

Great Game! Specialy because how y'all conected the music with the characters of the game, awesome! Maybe it would be better if it was easier xD 

Also, the dying could be comic.

Nice Game, but the full screen mode have some errors.

Great Game! It's so hard that i couldn't pass here

Great Game man! Music could be much more rhythmic, more long, but staying this relaxing vibe. This music the way it is makes me sleepy. In a demo is no problem but if i played longer surely i would sleep in the middle of the game xD

It doesn't even open in my PC. it just stays like in the photo that I am sending here.

Great Game, but it could be more brain challenging.

Sufficiently hard, great game!

I liked it, but it could have the possibility to jump, because the way it is, is much hard.

Congratulations! I can't think of anything that could be better in this game, it is already a Great Game!

Great Game! I liked it, but it could be more surprising in the end.

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Nice game, but it needs to be more dynamic. In the score of 600 I got bored and killed myself in the game. Also, I suggest putting a record board in the beginning, it'll give more motive for continuing playing and the music to be more dinamic too.