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Just finished the first part, this game is insane. The amount and quality of work is really impressive and it's a joy to play.

Looking forward to it.

Loved this little game, and the inquisition was hilarious. Gave me my vampire dose, since bloodlines 2 is probably never happening.

Lacuna coil are still playing too, for those who want another puff of nostalgia.

I love everything about this game, it's only flaw is being too damn short. I'd gladly pay 20 bucks (adjusted for inflation) for a feature-lenght version.
Wish you the best, I'll be following your work!

You can rebuild toxin scrubbers on the ruins after a fire, it makes things much easier, you can limit forest growth and have farmland just next to the trees for fynbos.

(And you can use the trees you planted for beehives too, not just the natural ones, seems obvious but took me a while to figure out).

I love it, very original and meaningful. Challenging gameplay too. Thanks a lot