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Hi there! Thank you so much for playing, I hope you enjoyed it!
There are no 100% completion bonuses for the game.
But there is a synth completion percentage when you go to your synthesize menu.
An Ultimate weapon for each character.
And a total of 3 NSFW scenes if you haven't gotten the third one yet.

Hi Raizen thanks for getting back to me!

I tried downloading the latest version on itch and the issue still persists. I looked into the MZ version and compared it with the MV.

I changed the MZ version, line 792 to 'true' instead of true and it fixed the mouse issue. 

I managed to set up all my cards and got everything working.
But then I ran into a small problem, I was hoping to use the mouse for when you play against AI but only the keyboard works.

Is there a way to use the mouse when dueling?

It's in the cave north of Regull

Hi, I moved your character's position and saved it elsewhere. Hope that fixes it.

Left side of the ice cream stand

Hi i moved your character elsewhere, you can download your save file here.

Hi, make sure to hug the walls and/or follow the tracks.

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Hi there, if you cannot open the folder it could mean the file was corrupted when downloading. You might want to try and re-download it again.

This is the file path after opening

Unfortunately, I've only released the game for the PC (Windows OS) only. So nothing is tested for phone usage.

Hi there, I'm not entirely sure why this is happening.
I can only guess that it could be anything from an operating system to the graphics card you are currently running.
I know for sure that the graphics card must have the following specs for it to run.

OpenGL ES 2.0 hardware driver support is required for WebGL acceleration. (AMD Catalyst 10.9, nVidia 358.50), iOS 8.0, Android 4.4.4*

Further specs can be found here:

Hi, talk to the bird to reset the puzzle, then head (North,  North East,  East, West  ) You should be back at the same screen as the bird, now you should see a monster in front of the bird.

Hi there, I drafted up a small walkthrough with this puzzle. Hope it help and thank you for playing! 

You can find his weapon recipe at the snow area inside the ruins/dungeon.

Go back into the forest that you started and try the cave in the beginning area.

I took a look at your save file and double-check if any errors had occurred in the script or map, but nothing indicated that it should get your character stuck in the world map.

I've unstuck your character's position and should be working fine now.
Here's the save file :)

Hope that helps.

Hi, I think if memory serves right, you'll need to find a save point and a new option should come up.

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Alright, I've figured it out.
There's no Ring Flower to pick up anywhere. ( I must've missed this when I edited some Shell Flowers in).
I'll make a quick fix to include some!

I've added some in  Green Valley and the Entrance of the Infested Cave. 
And while I was at it included some more flowers for those who want to 100% the recipe/crafting items.

Oh, that's good to know that the recipe doesn't get removed, I must've fixed it somewhere along the way and forgot about it.

Hmm, I'm just wondering what else it could be.
Normally by picking up the flowers from the maps that should add to the recipes found.

If you're still having problems, do send your save file over on
and I'll take a look at it.

The recipe is actually attached to the flowers themselves if you sell/craft them and reduce the amount to 0 the recipe will be removed.
So to retrain the recipe just keep one of each in your inventory :)

Hi, could you upload your save file using the following link, I'll take a look into it.

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I had to double-check this on my end and I completely forgot about the mother! 

I'll need to make a fix for this.

Edit - Uploaded a quick fix. Please make sure to move your Save folder elsewhere before downloading the new fix.

You will find the mother once you find Lucis.

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You can find the recipe at the Lemuria Colosseum prize exchange NPC.

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Darkspore Portal can be found by going North from Dhalium Town. You will see a dark portal on the world map.

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I'm not entirely sure what part of the story segment you're currently at but completing the 'Help the Omegas in the slums' quest should prompt you to go back to your house in Lemuria, talk to Garet and then you can go to the desert.

Oh if you continue with the main quest going into the Desert it should complete itself.

(1 edit)

If you're doing the 'Help the Omegas in the slums' you'll need to complete the rest of that quest list before it gets updated.

If you're looking for more wheels. Hug the walls for passable areas.

Orichalcum can be found by defeating the Dark Behemoth in the Infested Cave.
The last Slib should be in Green Valley, inside a very small cave.

Slave Merchant in Dhalium Town sells essences.

I believe -if i remember correctly- You can get Clovers from Traplants monster and Insect Shells from any insect-like monsters.

Hello, the black box graphical problem is due to the graphics card issue and whether it has OpenGL - (I'm not 100% sure but it seems like that is most likely the case for the issue).
It's been posted before that if you're running on an operating system of Windows 7 and earlier versions they will have performance issues that I'm unable to fix due to the program's limitations.

Unfortunately, there are no settings to change the key bindings to WASD. As the RPG maker program's default movement keys are only set to using arrow keys.
Another alternative to playing with mouse/keyboard is a controller if you haven't tried yet.

Hi, it's only going to be available on here. I haven't made any plans to submit this on steam.
Thank you for playing :)

There was a fix for this.
Press the 'pg up' button on your keyboard to reset the character position when doing block puzzles.

Go back to the forest and check the cave.

After speaking to everyone in town, including the people inside the Inn. Go speak to the mayor.

Oh, thank you for letting me know, and very happy to know you had fun with the game!

I've never seen or encountered this problem before so this is completely new.
My only guess would be a missing text font file in the 'fonts' folder?

Do you have any of these in your game folder under fonts?

If you're missing some files/ or you already have them, then you may have to download the game again as I'm not entirely sure what's causing the error.
Just make sure to move your save folder to another place when downloading so you don't lose your progress.

Hi there, it seems it could be a screen resolution issue. The game display size is set to 1104x624. You might be able to fix this by changing to a higher screen size/resolution.