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A member registered Jun 11, 2020

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I saw there's been a recent comment about the City Generator having an import function.  I agree with this and I'm also aware that it's a planned feature.  I just wanted to add my support for this feature as I have often wanted to come back to the editor to represent a change in the town or city if a big event has happened my game.

The main purpose of this post though is to ask if there's a way to edit a town with the City Generator and then return to the overworld without the overworld regenerating itself and have that change saved.  I would like to create an overworld and then drill into certain towns to make them to my specification and then return to the overworld and save all the changes I'd implemented.

Currently a change to any city on the map in the City Generator is either not saved within the confines of the original overworld and you can only export an image which you can never edit or replicate again, or you agree to change the overworld as a result of the changes to the town and the whole overworld is regenerated.

If it's something I'm doing wrong please let me know.  But otherwise I imagine this would be a greatly requested feature.

Many thanks, otherwise this tool is exceptional.