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Sahreth 'Baphy' Bowden

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Loved the unique combination of themes and mechanics! Fun and scary ^^

Short, but creepy :D nice ^^

I've never seen Stranger Things, but this definitely has me curious! Neat experience and love the attention to detail

Nicely done "loop" horror! Very aesthetically pleasing, not too long, and I'm pretty sure I understood what was happening by the end lol

I'm already scared of sea monsters and this really worked on that fear. I was freaking out on the chase lol. Nice job!

Looking forward to more! I loved the mechanic with playing as the father. Interesting and unique ^^

I would totally fall for this IRL lol. The game was fun! I really liked the mechanic of driving the car. That was new; I thought it was just going to jump to cutscene, but nah. Cool ^^

Felt like actually playing an old PS1 game and finding a cursed corner lol. Nice.

CREEPED ME THE F OUT! Game looks awesome and the scary stuff is very well placed and effective.

Great game! Love the look, feel, and story. Definitely had me scared lol.

Great game! Love the look, feel, and story. Definitely had me scared lol.

Everything looked and felt really awesome; the atmosphere was perfect! My only complaint is that the endings felt a bit abrupt. I think they needed something more to them, like maybe a better graphic or make them last a little longer instead of just a quick title card. Looking forward to what you make in the future!

I felt like the hallway part would have had better impact if it was either shorter or had objectives like the rest of the game, but overall I really liked it ^^ It all looked good, was fun to commentate on, and running from the aliens had my heart going for sure!

Points for creativity, for great scares, fun challenges, and for that wonderful twist/throwback at about the middle of the gameplay ^^ Loved it

Freaking love it :3 Felt like everything was well balanced, from the scares to the mechanics to the story. 

Great game! The story was nicely put together. I like how it was slowly put together through small changes in the dreams. The perspective of the camera at the end was also a nice touch ^^

Totally creepy and cool aesthetic! Made me second guess visiting the French catacombs lol

Excellent atmosphere and story-telling! Really gets you creeped out with minimal elements. ^^I was once also afraid of a man living in my attic. 

As a schizophrenic, I found this game both enjoyable and relatable ^-^ It was good at making you paranoid and feel like you were out of touch with reality.

The game was good. Looked and felt nice, ran smoothly, and all. BUT after a while of the guy following me, I got too annoyed by the sounds he was making LMAO But the game itself was good for what I saw!

 Had fun! I was impressed with the size of the map and enjoyed the chase. I did have a problem with it freezing during the bed part at the end, but that could have very well been a problem on my end.(played at 4:45)

Wish it was longer! I really liked the art and it was a well put together side-scroller game ^^(first game played)

There is a special place in Hell for the creator of this game lol, but seriously, it's a clever idea and perfectly executed. I love to hate it 😂

Amazing graphics and atmosphere! Had a helluva time finding the different endings

All the effects used were really nice and the game had a good feel to it. The ending totally got me. I feel like I should have anticipated it, but I didn't xD Great game!

Nice and creepy ^-^ I love it

Great game about depression and loneliness with nice art. I loved that there were different endings, all which showed a different route a lonely/depressed person's journey may take ^^

I have suffered from nightmare disorder (including PTSD related nightmares), nocturnal panic attacks, chronic sleep paralysis, and somniphobia most my life. So far the best 'nightmare simulator' I've seen ^-^

Pretty solid game ^^ A little confused about the story, but was fun to play ^^

Really well put together mobile game! I played it with an emulator. The ending was strange, but in a memorable, interesting way ^-^

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All endings/secrets :3 So much freakin' fun! Love all the effort put into the different endings and secrets! Went snooping around to get everything lol ^-^

I really loved the idea of this game, but I felt like it was impossible to beat! Would have liked a hint as to how the bad guys worked. It was still a cool idea and fun to play though!

This game is so aesthetically pleasing, but also got the creepy vibe down ^-^ I really enjoyed the thunderstorm. Really fun to play. Felt pretty unique

Absolutely love it! Great atmosphere, great scares, great graphics ^^

Had a lot of fun playing this game! The two choices for endings was really cool ^^

Fun short game! Interesting story aspects, aesthetically pleasing, and I particularly liked the puzzle with the owl ^-^

I love the art style, music, and overall environment! This was a really cool idea. It's a sad story, but an enjoyable one ^^

Got me lol xD

Hands down, the best game. Much immersion. Such wow. (played at 6:37-7:51)