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Sahreth 'Baphy' Bowden

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---Definitely my favorite Llorona game so far. Love the VHS style and the puzzles. Also, this is the only Llorona story that has actually made me feel sorry for her! Kudos ^_^

---Definamente mi juego favorite de Llorona hasta ahora. Me encanta el stylo de VHS y los acertijos. ¡Tambien, este es el cuento unico que me ha hecho sentir pena pare ella! ¡Buenisimo!

This game really captures the creepy feeling of hotels during the night. How everything gradually became darker and darker to where it felt you were trying to navigate a void was awesome.

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Pretty neat :D I had fun sassing my psycho dad lol

This game is cute, creepy, and cool :D I had so much fun with the puzzles ^_^

The way everything was presented through both the visuals and the written narrative was great! Everything came together perfectly and I appreciated the angle of the story. 

I don't normally play this kind of 'spoof' game, but this was actually really fun!

I'm in love with the way you've brought this story to life! Really had me anxious and scared like I assume the person who went through this was. Kudos!

Okay, this was brilliant. Thanks for brightening my day!

BRILLIANT. You got the FNAF/JOC vibe perfect! My anxiety was killing me trying to get through this, but it was so so much fun!

The dark humor and the entire setup/presentation of the game is amazing! I enjoyed Deathflush even more than your last game. I hope you make more!

This was so much fun! I need to check out your other games lol ^_^

not bad; pretty fun ^_^ (playthrough at 33:43)

You completely NAILED the atmosphere of the backrooms! Love the muggy musky diry air, really ties in the whole moist carpet thing! (playthrough starts at 29:31

I really, really wish that it wasn't so glitchy when trying to look around or turn corners bc it looks like an awesome setup! If you ever get around to fix these things, I would love to download again and play! (playthrough starts at 26:27)

I am in absolute love with the feel and look of this! The atmosphere is perfect! I love the attention to detail like how you can hear the character's pants rubbing together when you run. It's just perfect. I don't know how else to describe it ^_^ (playthrough starts at 22:42)

I've been playing several backrooms games and I really liked how the atmosphere in this one reflected the description in the creepypasta. Also the second part was a nice touch ^_^ (playthrough startss at 15:47)

I for sure thought I was being followed!! lol not bad :D had fun ^^ (playthrough starts at 9:11

I loved the whole aesthetic! It took me probably way too long to figure out the sound thing and I never beat it, but dang, it was good! (playthrough of this game starts at 11:37)

It took me a while to find the wall, but this was great! ^_^ Definitely got my anxiety going lol. It's the first game I play in this video:

Really love the game, though I'm not sure how I feel about the ending O.O I mean emotionally lol bc it was a good end. The glowstick mechanic is probably the BEST mechanic I've seen in a game to date. I am uploading by chapters, but here's my playthrough of the first chapter

Interesting storyline that I had fun conjecturing on ^_^ Pretty fun for a short game!

I felt like La Llorona maybe should have been a little more active (aka more difficult), but I enjoyed the aesthetic and setup of the game! :)

I played the first game at the same time as this one and both were really fun! ^_^ Unusual, but enjoyable. I loved seeing all the different endings. I got all 8 (3 in the first and 5 in the second)!

Strange, but fun! ^_^ I played both games together. It was fun finding all the different endings. I really loved the disco dog ones lol

I really freaking loved this! I did not see that twist at all (it was so good!)

Really liked the design and the options for endings! Would love to see a longer game made in a similar way ^_^

Everything about this was awesome! I don't have VR but I imagine it's a great experience bc the hospital felt so real in just normal gameplay. Really enjoy the story line and subject matter.

Good short game ^^ There was a secret room that I stumbled into and couldn't figure out that I really wish I could have. If someone has figured it out, please link me the video!  Mr Hunger was pretty easy on the hiding part, but definitely scarier on the chases!!

Great story and well done short game ^_^

I had a lot of fun with this ^^ I love the grungy style to it

This was awesome! Love the whole experience and those graphics are amazing! Can't believe it was made in 2 days and can't wait to see the next chapter to learn more of the story!

Loved it :D Reminded me of how creepy my school was after hours lol We were certain there was a demon living there xD

Quite unique. I wasn't smart enough to figure out what was going on lol but it was enjoyable and cool nonetheless ^^

Really unique, comical, and cool!

Had fun trying to figure out what all was going on in the game! Loved the little extras like the Poppy doll and how it knew what day/time I was playing. Short but sweet!

Short, narrative driven game with great atmosphere! Was fun to play and think about the creator's experience

The constant jumpscares kept getting me at first, then they were making me anxious, and after a few plays I had gotten used to them. But the game was fun for what it is and I enjoyed playing it

There was much more to this game than I expected. I loved the imagery, the story twist, and the game tasks were a just enough of a challenge.

So I was the dummy that didn't realize that this was based on an SCP, but it was really fun even not knowing! I love the achievements feature and plan to go back to try and get them all.

Amazingly immersive game. Felt 100% real. Kudos to the creator!