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Since I have Schizophrenia, thought I would review this game on how accurate it is! (I also played the game :D)

I've suffered from chronic sleep paralysis (and other parasomnias) for most my life and this game was chillingly accurate!

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Oh okay cool :) Oh btw I didn't know where to comment this. I'm new to the site, but wanted to tell you to ignore the d*ck that just made that comment on Drug Simulator. It was a cool game and they're obviously just a pothead mad about anything that may seem anti-weed lol Looking forward to your next project!

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^_^ this was fun. Not completely accurate, but I mean it says that in the warning. The heroin surprised me though D: Damn. *no spoilers*

I thought it was good for someone's first game ^^ Jumpscared me a couple times and the story is interesting. The freaking mannequin/demon things are creepy af. I tried recording a playthrough a couple times, but the recording lagged each time. The game plays perfectly though so it's probably just my recorder :)

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Loved the game! Great graphics, acting, story, & gameplay. Got me scared several times. Room 3 was my favorite.

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I'm diagnosed schizophrenic so I decided to check it out. Even though every schizophrenic has a different experience, it is a very accurate representation of the illness and I'm glad I was medicated and stable before playing.