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I would have thought it did that as the size requirements are usually x2 or x3 etc..

Some excellent work here, nice and retro, as it should be.

I am looking for a vector version of something from the 8-bit era, but I can't find anything like this.

Is that because this cannot be made in vector form?

My issue is that screen sizes on iOS devices keep changing and although Apple has a unified codebase, I still have to create graphics for many screen sizes on different devices if in rasterized form, so vector would be a one size fits all.

I was from the 8-bit era and I love this RPG style: and now I would like to make my own games.

I am learning Swift and the 2D framework for games is called SpriteKit. I would like to know if this package would be compatible in SpriteKit, if anybody knows?

Not only this, but I don't appreciate the rapid pace at which Apple releases new screen dimensions and really like the idea of vector graphics for obvious reasons. I would like to know if the above style from finalbossblues could be made in vector and then there would no resizing issues.