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oh I wished there will be more versatile especially for Gabriel, but anyway I will support the game

I am so hyped! Any plan for crowd funding?

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exciting!! the pixel game actually looks fun and definitely great improvement from the Alpha! on one hand, I want to see more of the CGs but on the other hand, I want to see them when I finally play the game! so hyped! But did you say Demo when tho? 

oooooh looks like I can raise my expectation of a demo release a bit?

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thanks for the updates! Changing the battle system from turn-base to action is actually a great idea cuz the battle was a bit too repetitive and time-consuming for me in the demo. Also, the CGs are amazing, can't wait to see more (especially excited for Ragnor's)! Will keep supporting on Patreon (maybe post a bit of tease CG on Patreon?)


Any expected date for Demos of the games?

Thank you so much for the update! So hyped!

Thank you for the reply. All I want to know is just that these 2 projects are still being worked on (for me especially Muscle Management). Thanks for the hard work

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Hi, it has been over a week, pls give us some updates as you mentioned. I understand you have many projects to work on, but pls also keep us updated about these projects as well, as you mentioned "next week", and "next month" etc.

(I do understand there is a lot of work to do, I don't need a released day or sth, I just want some regular update, bi-weekly, monthly or whatever, pls don't say "next week" but then never come)

Any update? Has been quite a while! (just curious!)

Thank you for the update (that I have been waiting constantly checking the page twice a day haha)!  

Hi! Any update for Muscle Management? It has been some time since the last update

thank you so much for the info!! sounds faster than I expected! even more excited now!!

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Just backed the games and so excited for the future release!

I know it is suuuper early to ask the question, but is there any initial plan for the release date of each of the games? 

Or is there any update on the development progress?