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let's gooooooooooooooooooooooo


game dead?

oh okey  :(

if i pasted my old save and run it , it shows me this masseges

i wish all of u best of luck and best live 

oh that's to bad i have not lied to him ,

so i have to start from zero?

oh okey ,

can u show me the steps how to have baby with Liz?

for this point

Liz Bathing scene – on Tuesday and Sunday afternoons after you build her a new house

where can i find the location of this house to build it?

(1 edit)

u can find her randomly if u keep scaveng with agnes

u will see the room with 4 coloers u need to solve it to open the door and behind that door u will find the bunny girl

yeah it works but i have two things,

first where can i find the Susan Angel costume gift

2nd thing how do i get the wolf?

here is my save if u can solve it kindly ,

thank you

yeah i finished both

i will explane 

the new update is all about the wolf girl and mother of susan

i have finished all task in hidding velege and now i can enter the black forest

at the moment i enter the churt the mother of susan called me and after finished the conversation and the sence finished the game freaze directly

i have tryed to press the green button at home for old save and still same 

(1 edit)

after getting back to black forest and enter the churt and doing the mother susan what she wants

the game get freazing.

also the name of the file of ver10 is named as link too

Thank you that was unkeown place 


  • Southern Hills

i can't find the new location at all !

Great ! 

Can't wait . . . 

Hello ,

Is there any update or game died?

thank You it works 

no just crachs the game only .

yeah also when i picked the blue girl after talking in pastown too

the game still crachs when u defeted

Looking amazing but the price...

Looking for discount

ofc yes

is there any discord for this game?

there is no discord for this game?

is there any discord for this game?

Amazing Keep going 


i have been waiting for this soooo long 

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