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This was really something :) 

16GB of DDR3 RAM (Kingston, 4x4 gb), not using the app.
I am currently running the whole rig on a single non-SSD drive, though. Since my old SSD crashed.

Thank you :) I had great fun playing this game!
I'm running Win 7, 64 bit. GTX 770 OC, and an i7 processor.
I had some crashes:
1, When making my first character and had the view-distance set to max
2, When deleting the character

As you will see in the video I got stuck in some trees and a couple of shrines. The game was also a bit laggy at first, but it sorted itself out when everything got loaded, I guess.

A little video with gameplay footage :)

Loved it! Made a little video about it :)

Hey guys!
I played the alpha and absolutely loved it! It's so pretty and nice :D

I had so much fun playing this!
Imagine having some ppl over, having some brews and racing corpses in boxes :D

This game is so friggin' cool! Love the art-style, the music and the whole game in general! I had so much fun failing at artistry! :D

Little Lets Play of this game. I've never been so entertained and frustrated at the same time before :D

and thank you :) Can't wait for the finished product :D

Did a little Let's Play of this demo. I thoroughly enjoyed it :)


Just a very short medley of the fun I had playing the demo :)

Thanks friend :) I really enjoyed myself. I like the challenge, I'm not good at overcoming challenges, but I lieks them :)

I played through the demo and had a wonderful time :)

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Let's play Handle with Care! :D

I eventually got a Perfect score! So proud :)

Really fun little game. Maybe something that could be developed into a mobile game?

Had a bit of a playthrough of the Demo(n). It was good fun :)

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I broke the game in this playthrough :)

Really fun game, though!