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Hentai Hack-Her community · Created a new topic just... why

why did you make this?

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Thanks dude, but not today, I wanna support you
( •◡•)b

Love it, just wish to be able to play it, as I do not have digital money stored :b

Quite love it, but it's too short  :(

yes, zine cool sticker cooler

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[7.5/10] The only thing is that you obviously make better levels than your sister. I mean, her level doesn't even need the key to finish, lol

But hey, great game, wish you the best of luck to finish it :)

hey, the browser isn't running gunwyrm, I believe you should fix that

also love the box dude [•3•]

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Great lil' game you got there!


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love it!

amazing game, 0/0


I played it on the browser

it's gliched. It gets out of bounds

Cool, but, what's up with the dialogue text?

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does it still work with the Gunbucket mod? (what about Lots O' Muts??) (and Weapon Mutations???)

why am I downloading this...

love it <3

ok, that's cute

this is just..... incredible

I can't express how I love this mod


really liked the twist on the clicker game genre


kk, pelo menos agora eu me sinto menos envergonhado

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sim, no GameMaker Studio 2 (estilo Drag and Drop), mas teve um bug que a interface não mostrava corretamente, aí eu reportei o bug. Tô esperando eles consertarem. (eu também tô aprendendo JavaScript)

(tb, vc tem Discord? aí dá pra gente conversar melhor)

Loving those abstract backgrounds!

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assim, o jogo é ótimo, mas eu acho o terceiro estágio difícil demais (a parte dos blocos pendurados)

tô surpreso agora


Caraca, nunca achei que eu encontraria um Brasileiro(?) na, mas... oi.

Aliás, ótimo jogo. Eu só acho que o spawn das paredes deveria ser um pouco mais frequente, dá pra sentir que a gameplay tá meio devagar.

welp, good that I helped!

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   Invisible cursor doesn't work properly (it creates a black (only black) square at the cursor (and it isn't even in the middle)), and it also persists in between runs.

 (I don't know if this is supposed to happen, but I'm reporting it anyways) - Also in the highest difficulty the enemies with blades on the sides happen to dash INCREDIBLY MORE OFTEN. I'm talking about a dash in under 1 second.

(I use a Win 7 btw)

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I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT mainly because I love 1-bit style games, great job!!

Great game

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I'm sad ngl

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I love Roguelites/Roguelikes and also Punkcake, but...
wish I could buy it :(