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Try again! had some problems.

Should be!

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You'll have to run it from the command line. Open up Terminal and change to the directory where the app bundle is, then run this command:

open ./ --args -resetPrefs

We'll add a reset button to the title screen soon!

If you have an Nvidia GPU and you're not using the Nvidia binary Linux drivers, try switching to them. The Mesa Nouveau drivers (which is probably what you're on) can be unstable and out of date.

We just noticed some crazy behaviour in low quality where the game runs way too fast. But it might be ok for you if your machine isn't very high spec. We'll be pushing out an update tomorrow to fix that.

Perhaps it's a performance issue. You could try running the game in low quality.

We've never tested it on a Chromebook. The Chromebook uses Chrome OS which is a Linux OS. Did you try the Linux version?

Sorry, there's no save feature at the moment!

You can reconfigure the controls in the configuration window that appears at the start. Click on the "input" tab and choose whatever controls you like!

I've just uploaded a new build that should hopefully fix the issue you were seeing on your 144hz monitor. Let us know how it goes!

Could you see if this log file exists:

~/.config/unity3d/ASMB/No Mario's Sky/Player.log

and if so email it to

Strange that it didn't reset the controls. The settings are stored in the registry in HKCU\Software\ASMB\No Mario's Sky so you could delete that registry key. We'll look into it!

In Windows the config is saved into the registry in HKCU\Software\ASMB\No Mario's Sky.