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Banana Ben

A member registered Jul 04, 2016

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Played this hilarious game!  One criticism i do have is that i kept dying before i could get anywhere.. i'd get 2k pts and open up and area but from there i need a further 1500 to do anything else so i found myself stuck :(

Still a hilarious game tho!

I got surprisingly lucky the first time... definitely couldn't replicate it tho :(

Here's my lets play! (I'm so glad there wasn't levels, and you walked down to another closed door that required you to find another key!

Ofcourse!  Really want a full game that has a happy celebratory song at the end so i know i did a good job! :P

Actually had a blast playing this.  It definitely needs to be made into a full game!  Thanks for the opportunity.

was quite a well made game, Really enjoyed playing, hopefully there will be more levels out soon! Here is my little lets Play if you're interested!

Really great game! It was a little easier then i expected but still had some HILARIOUS times.

Here is my little lets play of this game if you're interested.

It's so easy to get lost in the world of illusions! I spent atleast 20 minutes on the first puzzle haha! Absolutely fantastic game, definitely going to do another episode on it! The answer was so simple yet so difficult.. i need to open my mind.

Here's my little lets play if you're interested in it.

I wanted to play your game but there is no reset button? So as soon as someone gets it it just displays 'Game over' and that's it.. Kinda makes it hard to record and even play because it throws you straight in with no warning and instantly "Game Over" and i have to re-load the game to start again. put a reset button in and it'll be a nice little game.

The first level had me raging! It was so hard! It drove me insane :P Great game overall, i will definitely be back for more. Great job!

Here is my little raging lets play :P

Hilariously fun game! The dialogue can drone on for a bit but the levels are short but difficult which makes it fun :D

Here is my little lets play off this game if you're interested :)

I'm fine to pay for it, especially if it's multiplayer :D

Made a Lets Play a few days ago, This is a hilariously entertaining game. Also very difficult!

Amazing game, been wanting to play this forever!! If you release a multiplayer mode i would definitely play even more. this game is just great!

My little letsplay if you're interested

Really great game! Especially for your first real attempt at making a game.

The controls were smooth, the levels were hard but not impossible, It was a great little game overall!

Here is my little lets play of this game if you're interested :D

love this little short game, definitely worth the play!

I think if you made levels and expanded on this you could sell it on steam or create something amazing because it's already really well done!

Here's my little lets play if you're interested!

Played the OG Ancient Warfare and it was pretty bland, you definitely stepped up the game! Played all the playlists and had quite an enjoyable time, so great job!

Here's my little lets play if anyones interested!

Great game! I honestly enjoyed 'endless' mode more then anything, the story levels were quite easy so i only played a few of them.
Endless was extremely difficult and the pinner are SOOOO good at pinning you down!
Here's my little lets play if you're interested!:

A really unique game hahaha, i really enjoyed playing this!

It was frustrating to get the house to move the right way sometimes :P but overall it was a great experience! Here is my little lets play of this! :)

Hilariously Amazing game! I used to spend 90% of my school years makingpaper airplanes, so this definitely brought back memories!

Loved all the puzzle levels and the cool combo shots!

Here is my little lets play if you're interested in an entertaining paper plane flying video :D

Hahaha, I have played a few puzzle games indeed! Not all have gone as well as pedestrian tho!

Definitely looking forward to what you guys have in store for the full game!

Brilliant game! You guys have definitely hit a unique concept! While doing a lets-play i did however encounter a little glitch which i captured on video, so maybe take a look and potentially look into fixing it. But amazing game never the less!

(3:30 the glitch occurs if you don't want to watch the whole lets play)

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Hilarious game! I couldn't stop laughing at the noise that the bikers made when they hit the side finish line barrier or when i figured out i could kick them ahahaha Classic!

Here's my little lets play of this fabulous game!

My pleasure!

AWESOME! Looking forward to it! Because lets be honest... i sucked hahaha

Hilarious game! I love this!

I really think you need to add a moving camera and maybe a better handswinging motion.

But apart from that it was GREAT! i loved it! :) Here is my little video :P

P.S. You can actually run around all the enemy's and just finish the levels without attacking anyone.

Bought it and it was actually extremely difficult!

When the screen rotates it gets extremely difficult.. For a short while, i was #1 on the leaderboards :D

Here is a little lets play of this game!

Absolutely hilarious! I swear i got the most unstable scooter of them all!

check it out here!:

Hilarious game, i enjoyed throwing things at people and making oddly massive weapons!

Check out a video of it here!:

Absolutely hilarious game! Check out a lets play here if you wanna see a pro in action!

Bought this game and was not disappointed, made for some really funny moments! It's also extremely hard! :(

He's a link if you wanna check out some gameplay!

This was brilliant! and the computer was so hard! I couldn't win, i laughed so much and enjoyed the hell out of this game! great job!

Check out a hilarious lets play here!

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Hilarious game!, the growing really threw me off!

I have no idea how you came up with this idea but keep up the creative work!

Link to the hilarity is here:

I honestly have no idea what compelled me to play this.. But i tried to have a great laugh non-the-less :D Come and enjoy this game with me:

Thanks for making it! :D

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Found this game quite hilarious, especially some of the ages with some of the descriptions haha!

Come check it out!:

Cute, adorable robot endless runner! What could go wrong? Especially when you can float through the air as a puffed up fat robot haha! :P

If you want i think you could make a 2-player compete mode where you can vs your friends to see who can survive the longest :D

Check out a fun lets play here: