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Marge keep see me when I go buy eggs in Maggie room. It make me very sad Homer. Please help. :c

It's not a virus. Norton doesn't recognise the program. Try letting it through.

I'm not going anywhere, I always appreciate comments. You're not late by any means.

I'd argue that difficulty settings and chances defeat the purpose of this game. It's so scary BECAUSE there's so much to lose. I like some of these other ideas, though!

This is one of my favorite horror games already. Is it cool if I make a fan game? I feel like Baldi could explore Jump Start/Jump Ahead type games.

Ok, so I confess I've not played myself. I would, but my PC's not good enough. I just wanted to say: you guys nailed it. This game not only looks gorgeous, but also managed to avoid ruining the immersion when showing the enemy. The photorealistic environments of PT were on par with this, but the enemy was just completely different. You guys are wizards. I can't wait to see what else you make.

In my 17 years of existence I've done many things. I've played many games. I've played everything from N++ to Mario, Kingdom Hearts to Undertale, Amnesia to Outlast, Sakura We Have No More Ways To Disguse It It's Just Porn Now to Hatoful Boyfriend, and never have I played a game with such a compelling story, incredible graphics, and brilliant soundtrack. This game brings me to climax merely thinking of it. Harambe would be proud, son.

2/10 "You didn't pay us."


This isn't worth money. The game has horrendous audio, a laughable monster and a reliance on jumpscares. The last point would be excusable is the jumpscare wasn't terribly done.

That's better than Jack!

I really hope you get this, but after the toughest debugging I've ever done, mobile is complete. Now to move on to some GameMaker!

Just to let you guys know, I haven't forgotten about this. I'm just waiting for a way to test it properly. I'll try to keep you posted. I hope to make more silly free things.

May be too late. I was gonna submit it, but I thought that he may be making an obscure reference.

When my computer's fixed I'll get to work. It's played in your browser btw. No flash required.