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can i have it too, i wont release it, i just wanna mess around with it

well do you think you could give it to me via dms, i wanna mess around with it



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as someone who usually never likes these "baldis basics but we added more features!!!!!!", this mod did real good, i liked playing the whole game, from day mode to endless, overall a solid mod (minus some bugs)

EDIT: btw may i have the project for the mod, i may use it for a mod im making

unblack list garfelf

hey how do i interact with the mod menu

ill consider playing when you get good at coding

daves house is open source already if you need it

their still better than math simulator

shut the actual fuck up

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please shut the fuck up

yeah the page is, kinda empty as of now, srry

im not even trying to troll lmao, im spitting facts, this is a shameless math simulator, its so lazy, and no, how about you make me shit the hell up

it isnt one of a kind, its just a dumb math sim with a really bad and overused school remix, and the fact some enemies are reused from his horibble bnfs+, just goes to show how lazy he is

ngl im just gonna unfollow, all i see is you now jumping on trends, ill consider following again when you make actual original content

"Thanks to the custom Gamasexual Engine, the controls are fully configurable." hand over the engine pls

"Ported the game to FPS Plus"


he cant die dude, also isnt this TECHNICALLY a small death threat

I dont have any srry

improve the already existing game

yeah, a remaster would be good

its not a decompile, its a fangame

plus, youve spent probably some time when working on the game, having it all go to waste isnt very smart

honestly i would say remaster it, this project has potential tbh

can you not steal mods

R.I.P the old michael (the one i made)

so uh, my whole "I'm leaving baldi modding" is now just more like "im taking a big break, idk when I'll be back"

take it down now, or else...