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I'm having trouble getting the special abilities to work consistently. The button is bound to the Shift key, but it only seems to work when I right click, and I cannot right click consistently with my touch pad.

I tried rebinding to E, but I had the same trouble: the ability seemed to be mapped to right click in spite of what the options said.

I also don't know why, when I have full MP and I don't see the cool-down timer, I get a sound effect indicating that I cannot use the special ability at that time.

The result is either I don't use special abilities or I die trying to fiddle around to make them work. I'm running Windows 10.

The game's been fun otherwise. Just confused by this one aspect.

I figured out which character tells me (press down for awhile, if anyone else is wondering).

How do I make my head pop off? I did it once by accident in the cave with the frog, but I haven't been able to repeat it. I'm playing on a laptop running Windows 10.


Earlier the game was running full screen and windowed and both looked fine, but now I just see the lower left corner. I'm fiddling with the options (resolution and full screen mode) but I can't get it to switch back to where I can see the whole screen.

This is legit.

I only buy games that aren't on steam.

I can't believe this is free. It's so good.

I can't get the game to work. I installed from a zip. The exe installed the C++ thing for Windows, then the game crashed. The program crashes each time I try to run it. I rebooted my computer once, but the results are the same.