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I won. Yay!

Yeah! I won!!! (and my finger hurts from clicking so much)

The Linux version doesn't work for me, but I was able to get the Windows version running perfect with Wine.

I don't get it. I'm making potions?

I'm glad I'm able to be my true self in this game. My name is But and my country is Derp.

That's pretty fun. Here's my high score: 

I tried to enter a building, but the game froze :/

I started building  and  saw a little gourdlet arrive. Aw! Then I saw another arrive... and another!?!? Then I started to panic and build faster!

That was pretty fun, the desktop version anyway. The web version is too laggy to play at a fast pace.

That was the most gloriously stupid thing I've done all day

Looks well made, but I'm not gonna play it if it's just another cheap tragic ending.

It was fun to play and explore, but I hate the ending. I'm not a fan of that kind of horror.

That was really solid! I love how simple and satisfying it is to work out the levels. Good progression too. And it runs smoothly. Also, cute pixel art.

That was so cute! I don't feel like anything was spoiled since I've never played any FF games and had no idea what was going on

I lied. There's no way I'm making another RPG Maker game.

I did eventually get it by throwing the block at the rocket and I thought that you did a really good job on the ending.

This happened to me in the last rocket room.

I can't get past the last rocket room because I keep getting soft-locked and forced to restart the whole game.

I'm running Windows 10. It worked fine for me without having to restart.

Dang. Me too. I wanted to see what happened. Well, this just further proves my game design philosophy right. All player choices should be acknowledged if possible.