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I totally get your point of view, I also make games. AI are tools that has been helping us in video games for a long time, but not like this and it is not ready to replace game developers and game artists.

However, it's true that it's great for creating mood boards and prototypes, but a little photomontage would do just fine. But for free content like that, it's not totally disturbing, as long you give the context and warn that there is AI

I'm glad I didn't pay for this game, it would have been disrespectful to charge for a game with AI generated images...

You can do Alt+Maj to switch to QWERTY, if it doesn't work, add an English keyboard in your setting ans try again. It will be W to rewind and still R to restart level. Of course WASD will be ZQSD.

it's a nice game, i really lke it but i would like to save.

Also put a limit for the game area or a button to go back in the center of the map, i put my cursor on the top of the screen and a few secondes later i totaly lost my village