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Ballistic Buck

A member registered Nov 15, 2016

Recent community posts

around 5 bots is when I get a consistent FPS. When I play with 20 for instance, my FPS drops to like 2-5 for a few seconds then jumps to 20 for a few seconds more. I don't have any other games made in unity and I reckon that unity may be the issue. Thank you for all your help. I am hoping the next update may fix my problem.

I got my laptop last year, so it's not old. I have tried reducing the vegetation to nothing. Playing with one bot is quite pointless. Thank you for trying to help thou, I really apreciate it. I don't know whether it's the game or my computer but everything I have tried isn't working. Please continue on trying to resolve my issue because I would love to see this games full potential

yes, I have tried running the game in 800x600 on fastest graphics, windowed and not windowed and I still get rubbish FPS. I installed winrar to see if that helped... It didn't. I have reinstalled it multiple times to see if it would work but doesn't change a thing. Any suggestions on fixing my is sure would be great

I have a problem. My laptop struggles to play this game. 10 bots and i average 16 FPS. I know my computer is capable of playing a game this size because i can run ARMA 3 and Fallout 4 flawlessly. Please help!!!