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The game is very difficult to control; shooting the enemy ships is like a needle in a haystack.

Adding powerups that add health, allow you to shoot your own homing missles, or reduce interia would make the game cooler.

Can you lose in this game?

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Thanks for trying it out. My thoughts on your thoughts:

  • Will need to make more friction on normal platforms; I see people allowing themselves to off themselves by not pressing anything else often.
  • Will make shadow directly below player to make platforming less of a pain.
  • Some levels, such as "Backwards" would become worthless if the camera were controllable. Plus, the fixed camera is intended to differentiate from Super Monkey Ball.
  • Top left is supposed to show either score or time, but it currently stacks between playthroughs, leaving a gray bar as it is more and more filled in. This is fixed as of 0.1.19.
  • Will make text for lives, timer, etc. much bigger.
  • Lives are here to stay; there should be a punishment for failure. With that said, I do intend to make it so you can increase your max starting lives the more you play. This demo was limited by live counter instead of how much there was to play, if that makes sense.
  • That said, I will make starting points of levels much less likely to cause cheap deaths. Few things worse in games than that.
  • There are warps, but they are hidden and you missed them. Remember the level with rising lava where you said there was no reason to continue climbing?
  • Will (eventually) put indicator for when you pick up a doodad, but right now that's a low priority.
  • Ball types are 100% cosmetic, and if there ever is a change it will be slight. Do not want to have some levels become unwinnable just by ball choice.
  • The level you ended on, Motion, will come much later. Have received complaints about levels after it being easier.

Thanks again, you have given me a lot of ideas and fixes.

It works now. Plays a lot like Megaman 1. Might want new stuff to differentiate it.

When I click the .exe

Good proof of concept. Would like a hard mode.

Game crashes; error window lasts for about 2 frames. Could not capture because print screen runs at a lag.

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This game has tons of potential, but the character you have provided as an opponent would lose to Glass Joe.

Tutorial is also a little too slow for my liking.

A good proof of concept otherwise.