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Yo just started playing this game today. And for some reason, I cannot use right-click in the game. Please respond, I would love to explore and progress further in the game. But I'm stuck on a level because I can't use the right click.

mac, and it just doesn't get saved no matter how many times I try.

PLS make it available for mac. i'll blesss u and give u virtual hugs. this game seems super interesting I would love to play it. but I can't, help a sistah out pretty  pls developer-san 💗💖💗💖💗

i downloaded it but i cant save

where can I get the soundtracks from? Or is it not available for public use??

This game is really fun but the problem comes with the coin system. Even if I get 3 stars in the battles, I can't get coins. Also, there should be an option for changing the order of the cats.  Otherwise its a really cool game

I'm on mac, it doesn't load for me!!!!???? is this supposed to be a windows only or what


ok cool, I will be waiting for the mac version eagerly

hello, i would really love to play this game.   But I'm on mac, could u make it available on mac. 

but I'm on mac, could u make it available on mac. 

I solved the bookshelf puzzle but the book didn't become shaky and didn't fall. is this a bug?

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I cant crouch and can't zoom I'm on mac

waffles to the moon!!!! Lets go