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Ballad of Song

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I enjoyed the music with the increasing speed of the car. I was on the edge of my seat trying to get as high a score as I could. I liked that the speed of the car decreased after a kiwi was hit. Good job! Personal high score was 126. 🙂

I LOVED THIS GAME!!!!! It was very funny and I loved the turn based attacking with a dating simulator! Great use of the theme!! My sister saw me playing and told me to wait for her before I continued the game. You have immersed my entire family. Great Game!

I enjoyed this game. It was really unique. At first I was a bit confused with the controls, but was able to get a bit further with each play through. I like the fueling your vehicle. I think adding other NPC "racers" would make it feel more like a race instead of a driving game. I did like playing pong and cooking the food. I was confused on how to feed the griffin. By the time the food was cooked the NPC was good at hitting the food and making me lose the food. There were times when I launched the food that the food went straight past my pong bar. Otherwise, I had fun. This really tied in well with the theme. Good Game! 

I had fun destroying the garbage, but afterwards I ended up getting stuck between the five rooms. I seemed like I wasn't able to do anything with the garbage that was destroyed on the walls. Did I miss something? (I couldn't figure out how to get the right mouse button to work.) Otherwise, the art was good and simple and the music was intense. I felt the pressure from the music, which in this case was a good thing because there is no timer.  The music kept pushing me forward to look for new ways around the world. Great Game!

I enjoyed playing this game. I though the music and the art was adorable. The art drew me to play this game! The concept of the game is unique.  I was collecting stardust to create worlds! This is such a cute mechanic. There were times when the stardust was so close to the asteroids that it was hard to collect them, but I did enjoy playing this game! 

This game is addicting! Usually I play a game for a minute or so, but this one i could not step away. This took the theme and made something good. The graphics, music, and mechanics all tied together so well and obviously immersed me into the game. I loved that each player had health too! Great game!

I love the graphics, the mechanics were a bit hard to understand without instructions.

I love time management games! Even though there was no timer or constant flow of customers, I still played the game as if there was one. I didn’t even notice the oven timer. I put together a pizza, put it in the oven, started another order and took the first pizza out to serve while the other one cooked. LOL 😄. I would say a nice song would’ve added a nice touch to bring it in. It also took me a while to realize the dough and oven was needed. Great game!

The art and music was great and tied in well with the rhythm part of the game. I really enjoyed playing this, but I was confused on why I perished in the same spot for multiple plays. Though I went with the rhythm, am I supposed to let bars go past me if the ghost isn’t properly turned around? Great Game!