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I totally agree to what you said ! It's been just a few days since I looked up on this site for some indie games and especially sexual furry ones (yes, please forgive me, we're still on quarantine and I need to relieve some stress and to find new games !!).

Anyway, It's been just a few days since I started to play those games and- DAMN, I love the graphic pixelart in Wurm's games and I am also curious about the story of Tailbound ! Thirstchasm was a damn good sequel, that reminded me some Zelda stuff (and I know that's the idea since Carpet said it) and when I saw that the two games were linked, I felt more curious about it. (I'm not gonna add that I spent most of my time on the sequel just to talk to one of the dammit PNJs !)

So yeah, now I'm with a folder with a dozen of furry nsfw games in it but, they all are really well detailed, their stories are really interesting, the characters are lovely and interesting too but... I am really looking forward to continue the Tailbound adventure but the creator HAS to listen to himself first! And I hope he's doing great and he's enjoying creating things besides Tailboud ^^

Yeah, but I mean, it's pretty hard to rush to the truck at the end... so I always ended getting killed x)

I downloaded it and I recorded it and honestly it's really good but I have a question. How are you supposed to exit ? x)

Okay. I just saw the game pop in my Twitter's TL and I already want to try it !