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It's a neat idea but I've got a weird problem. The menu doesn't work. I can't click on any of the options. Oh and also, the climbing is very frustrating. Tried climbing the robot but could never make it more than a few bars up on the ladder. There's basically zero margin of error. I'm really good at Climbey but trying to climb in here is just frustrating. In Climbey, you don't have to be perfectly spot on with your grabs because your hands have a bit of magnetism (I guess) and so, as long as you're close, you'll grab it. Here, my hand was visibly grabbing the bar (felt the vibration and everything) and I still fell as soon as I let go of my other hand. The climbing mechanics is this, feel far inferior to the climbing in Climbey. Overall, I do like it but between the climbing issue and the menu issue, I probably wont be revisiting it.