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A really fun twist on the Wordle formula! Seeing the colours of your guesses was a great move.

This game put a smile on my face. Great stuff!

Not a bad start. Took me a little while to figure out the movements I was making, I think some animations/VFX would have helped here.

Keep up the good work!

Very cool GBA game. Love the aesthetic! A little too much maze for my liking but I enjoyed the chill nature of the game. Really good job!

Nice chill game, great job! 

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Nice game! Like others, it took me a while to realise how to play, after that it was fun!

Fun game! Like the music and the design. All it needs is some high score system or something to encourage replaying and you've got a great entry. 

C R E E P Y !

Well done, you definitely nailed the atmosphere. Would love to see a challenge or objective to complete but I guess that's coming soon.

Art and environment was really well done too!

Awesome game! Simple controls and great art. Well done!

Nice game! I like the design of the trees, meets the autumn theme.

A good start! I think it would definitely benefit from a goal or objective of some kind, even if it was just something simple like how much wood you can chop in 60 seconds etc.

At this stage it's too early to tell whether it's worth investing more time into it. It also really depends on what you want to achieve from the project.

This was fun! Unfortunately when I run it in browser the resolution seemed to be off.  I had to zoom out of my browser to see the whole screen.

I really liked the concept, really silly and fun. I couldn't get past level three though, seemed to be quite hard to fill my glass. 

You're other game looks awesome too!

There's quite a few interesting systems here with the collection and inventory. Unfortunately I couldn't build anything and I'm not sure what the objective of the game is. 

Looks like an interesting game but still needs a bit more time and polish. Keep up the good work!

Good job! I really liked the ability to see the range for the turrets and being to freely rotate items.

As others have said, I would have liked to be able to rotate the camera as it's difficult to place turrets around the back.

Well done for completing and publishing your first game!

I found the game quite challenging, it felt like the colliders and sprites didn't quite line up and there were a few contrast issues with some of the obstacles. It really helped that you added a level select option as I got stuck around level 5. 

Overall, good job!

Wow! This is amazing. The scope and execution is very impressive. 

This is great stuff! I love games like Papers Please! and Not Tonight and this was an interesting take.

It took me a few gos to fully understand the rules but when I got it I had fun. Really love the aesthetic too! I did encounter a few bugs and got stuck but overall I thought this was really cool.

I hope you didn't burnout making this game. What you've made is really impressive and you should be proud of it, but please make sure to look after yourself. 

Love it! One of my favourites so far. Great ideas, great execution.

My cursor is a mushroom and I'm into it...

Fun game, impressive considering the short amount of time put into it. Good job.

Nice game! The pixel is art is great and the concept is new and interesting. 

Would be keen to play an expanded version!

I'm not sure how this relates to Autumn but I love it! It definitely brought a smile to my face.

I haven't played many RPG Maker games before but I enjoyed this one. Music and sprites were good and it was fun exploring.

I would have preferred a few encounters or options in combat but overall a good game.

Thank you so much for leaving the detailed feedback!

I will definitely review the controls and camera options after the jam has ended.

I'm a bit nervous about making any further updates right now as in the last jam I entered I ended up breaking the build right before the deadline.

Thank you! I probably should have spent less time modelling Rolo and more time on the controls

Wow, this is great stuff! Love the art, SFX and the leaf effects. Controls are a little bit slippery for me but it didn't stop me having fun. Really impressive!

Sorry about the inverted controls! In retrospect I should have added some camera and control options.

Thanks for taking the time to play the game and leave feedback though.

Thanks for the feedback! I'm glad you had fun. 

Hopefully after the gamejam I'll have some time to address the jank.

Thanks! This was my first time creating a 3D game so I used a lot of existing assets and then filled in any gaps with my basic Blender skills. 

The stuff from the Kenney and Acorn Bringer packs were really useful and there's some great stuff on OpenGameArt as well!

Loved it! Got stuck on the block above the door in stage 6 but still had a good time.

Anthropomorphising the controls was a great idea! Loved the writing.

Great to see a two player game, it was really fun to play!

UI and SFX were really cool, love the minimal style and music.

Nice game! Loved the UI and SFX. Would have benefitted from some more info about the control (either in the game or on the page description). 

Little bit tricky to get used to jump height but overall an interesting little puzzle platformer.

This is a good game and a great start if this is your first game jam attempt. 

I think it would have benefitted from a game over/high score screen to break up the gameplay loop (I played a few times without realising I had lost and restarted) but it was still fun to play.

Sounds like you had plans for VFX and more gameplay systems but you managed to submit a working game on time (with instructions which are super useful) so congrats!

This was my first attempt at a game jam and I didn't get round to developing music/sound effects or polishing the game.

Nevertheless, I hope you enjoy the game.