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A TRUE INSPIRATION! doubt the man himself will watch, but this game was the scariest game i have ever played and i have the reactions to prove it!

amazing game, sadly i didnt finish it... but overall really scary 

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i loved this, sadly it was short but totally worth it

this game had everything, i was truly scared

this game was truly scary, i sharded at least 6 times

This game... I am still haunted by it, I never know when I'll wake up and boot up my pc and Andy and his friends are there trying to kill me through the screen for failing the fnf game

Loved it, had me on the edge of my seat! 

The subtitles hurt my eyes a bit but overall a very good game! 

Rip deer. A very good friend of mine, he came over when my friends forgot about me

This game got me good, sadly only half of my footage could manage the full game so I'd probably have to return to it some day

It was a good game, got me a few times. Sometimes I got confused about the villain but overall a very cool game

Super creepy game, I'd love to know more about it! 

Also here's a video I made with this game in it

loved the white rabbit update! sorry for my lack of energy tho. still worth my time lol

Great game! Loved it, great scares and I have no complaints about anything! I hope to see more from you in the future! 

This was amazing, it was so good I actually had to do a part 2 on it

this god damn game had me screaming, santa wasnt even that scary but everything about the game was so darn scary. thank you for this! 

PS... i wasnt sure how to play it at first, the objective wasnt clear. or maybe im just dumb idk

i was very confused at first, but i sure did enjoy it! great game!

great game, not too clear on what to do, but not hard to figure out on your own! awesome experience!

this... this had me screaming like a small girl at times, great work!

amazing game. too bad its short but it sure did have me off my feet!

had me tense up by alot. got a bit confused at first but it changed real quick!

I tried a couple of times but I cut those parts out. And I just couldn't handle the jumpscares, maybe one day I can go back and try again! 

I enjoyed it very much, I sort of wish there was more to it than just this. For example have more stages instead of just having stage one! But im not complaining, I really really enjoyed it! 

Oh really! Might just replay it then in the next 3 scary games video, didn't know there were multiple endings to it :) 

Loved it, a bit slow sometimes but other than that, it sure was great! 

That was definitely a great game! Loved the experience but I wish I could play more of it, so if you actually release a full game I really want to play it! 

Great game! So spooky I actually had to stop playing! 

Great game! Ngl, but since I'm running it on a potato bucket it lagged alot and that ruined some scares for me :(

I want it to be longer tbh, but still Great game! 

I had to play this! Amazing game! 

Please make more! I really enjoyed it alot! 

This game was sooo scary! Loved it alot! Wish there was more than what it was! 

I really wished it was longer! But other than that, Great game! 

Loved it! Gave me alot of chills! 

Amazing gameplay! Loved The fact i didnt have to cut The video too much and thank you for making it! 

Amazing!!! Multiple Spooks!!! thank you for this experience! it was a bit confusing at first, but in the end i surely shat myself

Yes i will contact you right away! Thanks! 

i played your game! amazing! im looking forward to more like this!!

idk why but i cant play it :/ when i try to open the file it sais its damaged or missing

Not very scary but it was soo funny, loved it!