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No hacking in the halls


Xbox One

Nintendo Switch

Are you the real PGHLfilms?


Speak English!

I am an Android user and a PS4 user 

On FAQ on kickstarter it says the consoles are the big 3

I am more excited for the console version of the game

You shouldn't even be on this website

It has nothing to do with Baldis basics 


A decompile mod


Merry Christmas! 🎅

Who is a backer of kickstarter

The Baldi full game should be coming out now!

On YouTube it's still mods!

Will the full game be released on consoles?

PlayStation 4

Xbox one

Nintendo switch 

Can you make an android version of it?

Its next generation.

Attention Android users

I know there are no android versions of decompile mods

Very Bad isn't

We are screwed if JonesterSpaceProgram cancels decomplie mods for android!!! 

The first mod going to be for android is Baldis Basics and a little bit of everything

Its going to be a long time till I get the laptop

Go to kickstarter and ask him

When I get a laptop I will:

1: make the best mods 

2: make Android version of all mods 


These will be very good that they will have console support

I have got 2 questions for you:

1: Is it decompile

2: Is there an Android version

Is it decompile?

Can you make this available on the PlayStation store

Just change the controls

Android edition only on windows!?!

What the heck!

Mystman12 said that the full game will be released on consoles

He is is also making. 5 copy's of the game 

So there is a possibility that the full game will be released on PS4

Will the full game be released on PlayStation 4?

Note: I am asking you a question on because I don't know how to back your kickstarter project

I agree

We want the kickstarter exclusive demo free! Especially for android!

Are you calling baldisonicfilms dumb!

go to unity 

Bug: game is not working on windows vista

I agree with KayipKux

I might be getting a laptop soon

Who are you saying $£"%ing at

People don't use Linux. People use Android