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this makes me sooo happy to hear, i'm so glad you're making space for yourself every day. you deserve to be here, i'm glad you're able to keep coming back (seriously makes me so happy to be able to create a little safe space here). it means a lot thank you <3

thank you!! 🥺

HELLOOOO! I've just updated this game to a BRAND NEW VERSION wahoooo!! More to come soooooon~

hello! I'll be uploading an updated version within the next week! :~)

thank you! ah yeah, that's a bug in my coding I'm still looking at how to fix, sorry about that!

thank you for playing! Yeah it's a little glitchy right now but I'm working on a patch for that :~)

i think the best advice i can give u, is to have fun with what you do. i didn't have any dev experience before starting & just watched youtube to learn. a lot of my games have bugs & controls can be a bit funky - but i had fun making them & i think that's what matters most! bmo & blackthornprod on YT have some good vids to get u started - i'd love to see what u come up with! you've got this :~)

what will they do next!!

hello! thank u for playing, if u come back in about a month I'll have the full version ready to play with better controls & running! (plus a heap more)!

you're welcome, it's what I wished I had at times so I'm glad you could take something away from it. come back any time you need to


thank you so much for coming back! I really appreciate you, thank you

hehe thank you! me too :D

thank you so so much for playing! i'll def add a shadow to the final build :~)

you're welcome <3

hehe thank u!! Keen to show u!

such a cute style!!

this is sooo smooth, 10/10

i love it

such a cute game i love it sm

got em on first try with 0.02 left omgggg

eggsalad 4eva <3

Thank you! Ooh, I guess a bit of a niche queer joke with the fire maybe haha Is there anything specific you'd like to see?

Thank you for playing! Is there something specific about the movements you found confusing? I tried to keep the controls simple & something familiar of use like FPS. Looking to add heaps more to the finished version for sure, so there will be more to explore! :~)

Thanks so much for playing! Ooh good to know about the movement, could be some culling issues on my end.

Ooh thank you, I love these ideas so much!! I was thinking of making a bigger map but maybe I'll save that for another game. I'll be adding more into the park to keep things interesting though - so I hope that makes up for a smaller map!

Thanks so much for playing!! Thanks for the feedback too, I think you're right about getting rid of the function all together. Something I'll change for the full version for sure (also fixing the glitch)! :~)


Thank you!! :~)

Thank you so much!

This is sooo much fun & very addicting to play!


Flameo!!!!!! Thank you so much for playing, glad you had a good time! :~)

Thanks so much for playing! Ohh I'll look into those later, thank you. :~)

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hey thanks so much for playing!! Once you've done the 2 crimes, you can go under the rainbow to end the game! The raccoon wants you to start a fire & the character called boots wants you to steal the boots - these are the 2 crimes for the demo! Full version will have more crimes, a shop & an intro scene to make that more clear! Going under the rainbow prior to completing the crimes will also give you a prompt to let you know! Hope that helps:~)

This is such a lovely game (& that soundtrack is 10/10)!

Thank you so much!! :~)

Oh my goodness, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! 🥳🥳🥳🥳 I hope you had an amazing day! Thanks so much for playing! :~)